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Introduction: All for One and One for All

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Okay, to be honestly who loves cables? i have an small workshop in my house and i hate so much fall because of a cable or to find them like a mess so i´ve try to fix this problem and i am still looking for a better solution... so there is, if someone have an idea i would be glad to read something about.

Step 1: The Problem...

Too much cables.

Step 2: Cut the Problem.

Like an old genius from Japan said, if you have a problem cut it don't stop because of.

Step 3: Replace It !!

If a thing wins against you, is because you are dead

Step 4: Terminé. Tous Pour Un Et Un Pour Tous.

At last, there is no problem, and now you are ready to give me a like :)

be careful about amper always and for your safety first look the specifications of the product and search for the correct connector.

im looking for an option like a guitar connector type plug or something so there is a possible upgrade.

Bless and i hope this be useful

this is my first instructable and i'm so happy :3



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    Cool... but definitely need some kind of keeper so the tool doesn't get unplugged while using it.

    very interesting takes care of all the tangled cords

    The metal clamp be over the outersheathing and certainly not over a bare conductor the a single sheathed one!!! Just a sparkies opinion!

    goofd Idea, but if you put a connector like this you can use any extension.

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    im looking for something that can fit exactly like a continuous line by using this but mono, so the extension between the plastic in the end of the drill, the plug and the power cable is like a contineus line looking clear and safe.


    this is an extremely dangerous way to do it, should you accidentally tug on the cord while using the tool it could come unplugged, no big deal i spose, just plug it back in, BUT! what if this end came into contact with bare skin? instant electrocution. i would avoid using any style plug that does not insulate all metal contacts from the live end.

    The old toolbox is currently hidden somewhere at the back of a storagecontainer. So pictures are going to be difficult. There was a drill, soldering iron, dremel and something else in it. All was contained in a fancy box. About the connectors.. I dont remember. Only that they were integrated into the tool. But they did not strike me as very different.

    Great Idea! I would just be sure to watch the amperage. Some hand power tools are rated to 20 amps, and that might make those cords a little warm!

    Nice! But just fyi, you are not the first in this idea. Last year I bought an old toollbox with 4 powertools, including drill. Turns out to be from around 1965. Powercables and wallplugs were expensive components in that time. So you could reuse them on each tool. Different motivation, same idea. I wouldn't mind this as a standard for both motivations.

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    oh nice! can you upload a picture? it would be so nice. ... are you talking about militar radio conector?