All in 1 Home Made Computer

The purpose of this build is to take a laptop that has flaws and turn it into a convenient all in one desktop. i am all for constructive criticism as well. i would love to see someone more inclined to take my idea and improve it.

Step 1: Attention..

This is my first instructable and before i get into it all i would like to say i build many small projects.. pictures might not look as good as it does in person, and the back of the project needs remodeling work to make it look more "professional" this work has been done in one hour.

WHAT I HAVE DONE? AND WHAT IS THE PURPOSE? i have taken several parts off of craigslist in the free section (monitor was 10.00) i had all the parts to make a working laptop besides the display so i decided to mount the bottom half of the laptop securely like an all in one desktop, using the monitor as a convenient display.

Step 2: Specs and Looks.. So Far..

The specs are in the description of a pavilion g4.

Tools needed (sort of universal) on laptops.

Small Phillips screwdriver


Independent thinking - all laptops are different. begin to unscrew bottom screws of laptop to disassemble computer to take broken screen keyboard and track pad. (better details soon)

Step 3: Mounting

once the screen is disconnected with track pad, keyboard you are left with the keyboard area enclosure in pic 2.

(make sure you have the wifi wires still connected and pulled out from laptop lcd screen) those are the wires in my final pic that are noob taped to the back of monitor. with the monitor face down you will mount the keyboard inclosure via two screws and two washers, onto the convenient lcd mount holes. then you will place the back end of the laptop onto the keyboard enclosure and proceed to screw everything back in, holding it into place.

Step 4: Everything Held Into Place

now time to spice it up and make things look better, have not done yet, but will. plug the vga from laptop to screen, following keyboard and mouse and you now have an "all in one" ghetto but awesome and efficient pc.



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    4 years ago

    Thank you seamstress. Any suggestions on improving