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this is my first turtorial ever, and my native language isn't English, so sorry if I write something wrong. About turtorial, it will not be step by step turtorial, but rather an idea for somebody who would like to build somethig similar. This is just a prototype version 1.0, not a final product.

So lets begin.

I had an old laptop collecting dust in my wardrobe. It wasn't functional, and it was missing some parts.

I came up with idea to build myself an all in one(AIO in further text) pc, which would be a second pc in house just in case somebody needs it. I collected nessesery parts and started working on it.

It's made from old lenovo r60, some plexiglass, an samsung monitor stand, some hot glue, screwdriver and screws.

AIO has a dual core intel procesor running at 1.86 ghz, 512 mb of ram memory( up to 2 gb), old half-working 160gb hard disc, dvd-rw and a 15.4 inch monitor(which is light damaged as seen on pictures).

Step 1: Quick Tips About Build

So, to start, I dissasambled the laptop into parts and removed the screen.

I positioned the parts on back of screen plastic, and marked the location of holes.

Took the drill and drilled the holes on marked locations.

With screws, I secured the motherboard and other parts onto plastic ( be carefull not to damage any part).

Connector for power supply was glued on bottom of plastic for easy access.

After all drilling, carefully mount the screen back to plastic holder.

After build, I bought 50x50cm plexiglass ( 2 mm thick), cut it on required dimensions, and secured it with screws.

I used plastic parts to create distance between plexiglass and motherboard to allow air to flow and cool down cpu and gpu.

Step 2: Some Pictures and Other Tips

One problem that I have is that the AIO can be only powered by on/off switch on keyboard and I can't resolder it somewhere else. Thats the reason I had to cut the plexiglass in the middle of back plastic.

Maybe you can solve this problem, but I couldn't on my lenovo.

I mounted old stand from samsung monitor onto plexiglass to make AIO stable on table.

Step 3: More Ideas?

One of idea I had was to decorate AIO with LED strips, which can be powered by AIO power supply( requires soldering skills and knowledge about voltage reductors - PSU gives around 19 volts and LED operate on 12 volts).

Other idea was to print decal and stick it on back of plexiglass for more decoration.

On AIO stand there is enough room to fit small pc speakers which then can be powered by usb ( AIO has laptop speakers but for someone that just isn't enough).

Front plastic can be easily removed and painted to color you want ( maybe steampunk style?)



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    5 months ago

    For anyone wondering about the power switch, the easiest way to relocate it is to find where the original is soldered and just attach a momentary switch to these connections. In most cases you wont even need to remove the old button.


    2 years ago

    This looks really cool. I just disassembled my 2007 Vista laptop that I never used anymore. I want to build something similar to this and run a light OS but I have no idea what the next step is.


    2 years ago

    thanks for inspirating me, i have old mini laptop in closet, its working but its case is broken so it would be use it like this way


    4 years ago

    Awesome Idea I just can't get over the small fan. I would be worried about over heating it constantly because of the plastic/plexi glass sandwich it's in

    1 reply

    You have a fair point about the fan, but this is an older lenovo laptop with a awsome cooling system, it heats up no more than 40 degries when I use it for internet etc.

    On the other hand,there is a 1cm gap between plexi and fan, so there is an air circulation includeed.


    5 years ago

    I have an idea for speakers. Maybe it would be cool if plexiglass was wider on both side so you could mount them into glass :)


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for suggestion.

    Building LED isn't hard, even a 7812 and small heatsink would do it, but i won't make any changes to this project because i would need to remove plexiglass which would probably break it.

    I have a new laptop incoming, with some higher specs but housing is in terrible condition so I thought about doing version 2.0.

    Meanwhile, I have 2 more projects which are much more easier that this, I will upload them soon. :)


    5 years ago

    I looove this idea! I'll make one when i pass my finals :)