All You Need to Know About Your Paper Clip Bow!

Im going to teach you how to become a skilled archer with your paper clip bow! Learn how to make them here -

Step 1: Materials

All you need is:
Normal toothpicks
Your paper clip bow

Step 2: Getting Your Bow Ready

Make sure your bow has a nice, straight curve. Like on my bow it dosent have many bumps, and its curved to where the rubber band still stays on well.

Before you shoot, you need to "cock" it almost every time. That means after you shoot it, you need pull the top of the bow gently up on one side, then down on the other to get the rubber band good and tight.

Now your bow should be ready to shoot!!

Step 3: Ready? Aim! FIRE!!

Ok, heres where the toothpicks come in. They will be the ammo! Get a few toothpicks and try putting them on your rubber band. they wont stay! So, take one of the rubber band strings. Turn it to where it is facing forward, take a toothpick and hold it on there. Pinch the pick with the rubber band string, pull back and let go. The pick will be flying! If you tilt the bow upwards, it will go higher and a little longer. Remember, you might want to "cock" it after you shoot.



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