Almost Free But Still Scares Me - Creepy Canvas




Introduction: Almost Free But Still Scares Me - Creepy Canvas

This scary canvas is sturdy, looks like a real painting, and cost me
less than my morning cup of coffee. It was extremely easy to do, gave me quality results and used supplies that most people already have on hand. This low-cost project went a long way with giving off a chillingly creepy ambiance.

Step 1: Supplies

The supplies for this project cost under $5 (and could potentially be
free). Bad art canvases are extremely easy to find. The one I used was from a "Wine and Design" gone wrong. It doesn't matter what is painted on it since we will be painting over it.

Step 2: Get Creepy

Use an image you took yourself, or do a quick Google Image Search for
something creepy. I looked up "Creepy Doll". Save the image as a .JPG file.

Step 3: Make Poster Size

Now that you have your image, go to a FREE poster making site. I used Once you upload your image, you will choose how large to make the poster. For my canvas, I chose 2 pages x 2 pages but if you have a larger canvas this gives you the option to make your picture bigger. Since we will be painting the background black, it doesn't need to fit perfectly.

Step 4: Print

Print your poster. Depending on the poster-making site you used, you may
need to cut the white border off. Regular white paper is fine.

Step 5: Prep Canvas

Paint over the canvas with the black paint. One coat was all that was necessary for mine.

Step 6: Modge Podge

Using the Modge Podge and a brush (or even your fingers) glue the paper
that you printed to your canvas. Take your time lining it up so that it fits together seemlessly. Modge podge over the entire picture to give it a glossy, antique looking effect. Give extra attention to the "seems" and edges of the poster - I was very liberal with my modge podge.

Step 7: Final Product

Your final product will leave a creepy impression on all who see it. Talk about an easy, inexpensive, yet scary decoration!

Step 8: Scare People



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    24 Discussions

    Wow, this looks amazing! I never would've guessed it was so simple and inexpensive to complete!

    if it's free, it's for me haha!

    This looks so easy even I can do it! thanks for the awesome instructions & really spooky painting1

    1 reply

    Oh my gosh I like both of your crafts. You must have the scariest house!

    1 reply

    Eeks! I'm gonna make a bunch of these. the more the creepier

    1 reply

    Haha I'd love to see them when you finish

    Thanks for sharing this. As some1 who's techonolgy challenged you made it look easy. Cool

    1 reply

    Creative! I never thought of this but it looks like a great idea I will definitely try!

    1 reply

    Laughing at "Wine and Design fail" hahaha!!! Funny and creative. I have every one of these supplies around the house and you made thiss look easy enough for me to try.

    1 reply

    Haha yes we all have those "too much wine and not enough design" fails! Be sure to upload it if you try it (and also I'd love to see the fails as well haha) - you can see the one I used to cover up was pretty ridiculous