Almost Free Clear Blocks for Unmounted Stamps





Introduction: Almost Free Clear Blocks for Unmounted Stamps

Acrylic or Polymer unmounted stamps are cheaper than traditional wood-mounted rubber stamps and take up less storage space. But stampers need an assortment of different sized transparent acrylic blocks for mounting them on, an added expense. I have made my own successfully and for free, using clear Lexan from my local glass shop.

Step 1: Supplies

You need:
permanent marker
cutting tool (I have used a scroll saw and a mitre saw and found the mitre saw better for making straight cuts of small material)
piece of clear Lexan, about 1/2" thick or thicker

Clear Lexan: I got mine at my local autoglass shop. I just asked for a scrap of the thickest clear Lexan they had in stock. They haven't ever charged me for it - but I would expect it to be just a few dollars if they did bill me. And I get 6 or more blocks from one scrap, depending on the sizes I want.

Step 2: Setting Up to Cut

I use my existing acrylic stamps to decide what sizes of blocks I need to make. Peel the backing off the Lexan, if there is any. Using a ruler and permanent marker, draw on the Lexan the lines marking out what size blocks you want.

Size suggestions:
3" x 3"
1" x 4"
2" x 3"
3" x 4"

Step 3: Block Creation & Finishing

Please use power tools safely! Wear protective glasses and clothing.

Using your cutting tool (I used a mitre saw), cut along the marked lines to make your Lexan blocks.

Sand the edges (a palm sander is quick and efficient).

Clean the blocks in warm soapy water to remove dust and residue.

Your blocks are ready to use. Enjoy!



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    7 Discussions

    Very cool information. Knowing what you can find for free or cheap is awesome. I've got piles of free chipboard, heavy book board, corrugated cardboard, etc. Creative craft shopping / scrounging is fun! Thanks.

    Yes, I've just asked for any scrap pieces they have - the thickest possible, which is usually 1/2" or 5/8" - this is a little thinner than the acrylic blocks you buy but doesn't affect their functionality. I couldn't tell you what a fair price would be - I've asked for scrap on two occasions and haven't paid for it yet. It's usually an odd-shaped piece and I have to adjust my cuts to make the most frugal use of the Lexan.

    Are you using the glass shop's scrap Lexan? And - if your local glass shop was't so inclined, what's a fair price/good source? I don't collect stamps - but think this could be adapted to many wonderful things .... great instructable. J.

    Unmounted acrylic stamps are repositionable - like those window cling stickers. So you have an assortment of different blocks to fit the unmounted stamps. After stamping, the stamp is cleaned and removed for storage.