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Introduction: (Almost) Free Magnetic Mount for GoPro Camera

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I needed a way to easily mount 2 GoPro cameras to video snow blowing action by the Kubota tractor (before the snow melted). I wanted one camera on the tractor and the other on the  car parked in the snowed-in driveway.  

Luckily I saved the packaging materials that came with the GoPro cameras - and the packaging  happens to include a square plastic base with an integral GoPro base mount - perhaps something that's meant to be thrown away.

I ended up securing two neodymium magnets to the plastic base so that I can quickly mount and unmount the cameras to any magnetic surface.

It took just a short time to make the magnetic bases and they now are an important part of my GoPro camera gear.

The included video shows the snow blowing action that I captured with the help of my GoPro magnetic camera mounts.

Step 1: Attaching Magnets to the Plastic Base

Epoxy will likely hold the magnetics to the plastic base securely enough but I happened to have some steel "magnet cups" on hand that attach with flat head screws. For this project I used wood screws but flat head machine screws and nuts would be a better alternative. 

Step 2: Tools and Materials

  • 2 3/4 inch neodymium magnets (smaller diameter also ok)
  • 2 magnet cups to match magnets selected (optional as epoxy may be used instead)
  • 2 flat head wood screws (number 6 or 8 x 3/4) or two flat head machine screws with nuts (8-32x3/4 would be fine)
  • Screwdriver to match screws
  • small twist drill to make pilot holes - 1/8 inch is good
  • cordless hand drill
  • file to take sharp point of wood screws (if used)
Note: Magnet cups and magnets are available from leevalley.com

Step 3: Camera Mounts As Usual But Be Careful

The camera mounts to the (now) magnetic base the same way it mounts to the other GoPro accessories.  But be aware that the neodymium magnets grip very tightly and removing the magnetic base might possibly mar or scratch a painted surface.

I plan on attaching thin felt on the surfaces of the magnets for my next job.

Step 4: Video Made Using the Magnetic Mounts

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    They are very handy - lately I've used them on my truck to video my wind turbine that I have mounted in the truck box. I hope to do an instructable on that project later.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! Sorry for delay in answering but had trouble responding to comments.


    6 years ago

    Now if something can be made with the clear open-ended box. Hint...hint. ;-)


    6 years ago

    I kept that piece of plastic in case there was something that I can do with it and you gave me the solution. Thanks for the 'ible.
    I suggest you glue a piece of thin sheet of soft material like rubber, felt, fabric, etc to the magnets to avoid scratches on car's painted surface.


    Reply 6 years ago

    Oh I just saw your last sentence. You are already addressing the surface issue. Cheers.