Aloe Vera! More Than Just a Plant!(using a Plant to Repel Snails!)




Introduction: Aloe Vera! More Than Just a Plant!(using a Plant to Repel Snails!)

Want to keep snails away? want to be kind to the enviroment?look no further!

Step 1: What You Need.

you will need a spoon, a bowl, water, and of course Aloe Vera.

Step 2: Getting Started

Pick the Aloe Vera 3 small spears should do.  To take them off try using a twisting motion while holding the plant down and pulling at once.

Step 3: Making the Repelent

Fill a bowl with the Aloe Vera spears and about 1- 2 cups of  water.

Step 4: Squish!!!goolp Glop!!!

Stir and mash the Aloe Vera in the bowl with the spoon.

Step 5: Add a Little

Add a little water and keep stiring unti the Aloe Vera is completely devoid of "meat ".  You should try to pick out the skin or you may leave it in there. 

Step 6: Tadah!!!

Add to a spray bottle and spray over the plants.  The mix should look like green tea.  Because this mixture is still organic and just diluted it will rot.  The mixture has a shelf life of about 1month or so.  If not please leave a comment saying the day of which the Aloe Vera snail repellent expired

Step 7: Please!

Lets face it this was pretty good huh? and it works! So please please please leave a comment and rate my Instructable!



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    24 Discussions

    I don't think it will work. I have a indoor alo Vera plant. It is infested with tiny snails. Now I have to find a way to get rid of all the snails without causing any harms for the plant.

    It also gets rid of aphids and ants on chilli peppers of mine...nice instructable!...keep it up!

    great instructable ! congrats!but i wonder it 's efficiency by the time .how long efficient it is? I am sure you have an experience! thanks!

    I will definitely try this! It's a lot of work in So Cal keeping the snails off my parsley & other herbs! Thanks!

    Great! I have Aloe & problems with snails. I'll be test.

     Great instructable, I have both snails and aloe vera already 

    very impressive! and it actually works!!

    I was bored one day when I saw the contest and I said I have to win that composter for my gram.  So i looked around the patio for inspiration and I stumbled upon a few plants with aphids and snail and slug problems and i ran to get the spray.  I started feeling bad about the environment like always and looked toward the aloe vera.  I noticed 1) that there were no aphids on it 2) never have I seen it eaten by slugs or snails and 3) aloe vera is great for lots of uses. I dont think anyone has ever noticed this before and this could be a new discovery upon old things.  I remember getting cuts and having my gram put the slimy stuff on my cuts.  I basically grew up with the idea. *NOTE* Aloe vera is only for minor lacerations.

    Excellent presentation. Just the kind of solution I was looking for to solve my slug and snail problem. BTW, Aloe is great to put on a burn. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    So where were you when the slugs were eating my fourth try at melons and squash? I'm gona have to try this. Thanks

    1 reply

    please tell all your friends and next time ill post stuff faster then when i discover them please vote for me and tell your friends!

    I did go on a tour of an aloe vera farm in China, and they served us (tourist) fresh cut aloe vera. It was slimey and gross. I just hope it wasn't poisonous, according to one of the comments left here. Thanks for your Instructable. I will definitely give this a try.

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    its safe but just make sure you wash your plant before you eat them to get rid of bacteria that naturally occurs on plants and if you eat it just like that it wont taste as good.

    thanks for leaving posotive comment and you will see more ingenious inventions from the legendary yofortune!!!

    IT is perfectly safe to eat the plant that you spray this stuff on just make sure you wash them (you probably do any way)so you can wash off the spray and the other germs on it just incase.thank you vote for me!!!

    Just don't drink aloe juice pressed from your own plants... commercial food grade aloe has the anthraquinone (poisonous substance, probably the stuff snails don't like) removed.

    Aloe Vera repels snails? I didn't realize that. Does it repel slugs too?