Alone Tree | Terrarium | Diorama

This time i tried to make alone tree terrarium \ diorama.Its very easy to make and attractive diorama . I used metal wire twist it than bend and make perfect wire tree.

Material thin metal wire , green poly fiber, glass bowl , dry moss, glue & water mixture spray, artificial moss mat, acrylic color.

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Step 1: Making of Tree

Take thin metal or floral wire for it.I took 30 wires for twisting .For further twist detail please check video.Now take green poly fiber for it . Paste a piece of fiber on wire and cover it with dry moss.

Step 2: Assembling

I made mini bench with the help of ice cream sticks.Now its time to assemble all material. For the base I used air dry modelling clay .For the grass I used artificial moss mat. paste in jar than fix the tree in it. Its done.

Step 3: Finished Look

Here are the finished look of the alone tree terrarium. It is perfect for the room decoration.

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    27 days ago

    This is beauitful. I love the concept, and the results are spectacular. Wow.

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