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Introduction: Alphabetize the Books of the Bible

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Why do this you ask? In order to save time, especially when in church, it is so much easier to have an alphabetized list of the books of the Bible in order to find that chapter quickly. To do this it dawned on me to put them in alphabetical order. Hence this Instructable. Would very much like comments.., do you find this useful? Thanks.

Step 1: Gather Your Bibles at Your Computer Workplace.

I have several Bibles, so wanted to do them all.

Step 2: Open to the Contents Page

You need to find your bible's listing of the chapters. Each bible is arranged differently, so of course you you will need to treat each one individually.

Step 3: Type the Books of the Bible in the Program of Your Choice.

I used Word for the shown alphabetized listings. You can also use excel, access, or any program that has the alphabetizing function. I was surprised to find that Microsoft Works does not allow you to alphabetize lists. Key in the chapters with their page number, sort and save.

Step 4: That's It!

Now print and trim your new list of books of the Bible to a size that fits just inside the front cover of the Book. I find this a very big help in rapidly finding the chapter I want. No more "lapses" and/or frustration. Hope this adds to your ease and enjoyment of reading/studying the Bible. This can be taped in or just placed without any tape if you choose.

Step 5: A Surprise for Me!

I knew that I had an old Bible that was my mothers. So I got it off the shelf, opened it up and found that this Bible had the books alphabetized on the first page! I had read this version many times, over the years, but did not remember this fact. I wonder why the old time publishers would do this and the modern day printers do not? Hmmmmmm...point to ponder.



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    Another way to make a Bible index is to use a color printer to make stripes ( using 5-7 different colors) about 14-20 point size depending on the size of the Bible on a sheet of lable paper. Type the names in alphabetical order. I would make one for the Old Testament and one for the New Testament. Place the list on the title page for each Testament with about 1/4 inch sticking out to fold over. Use 3/4 inch long stripes to mark the beginning of each book. I install the tabs folded over flush with the edge to avoid tabs sticking out and possibly snagging. Installation may be tedious, but the results are time saving. Even If I had the order of the books memorized, who can remember which of the 1500 pages each book begins on.
    I use this system for quick access to the chapters in my textbooks, especially for humanity classes. Humanity professors often teach the material in their own order. Someday I'll have a color printer so that make my labels by hand.

    that's what I did. but I need to work on it again... for some reason when I recite them I get stuck in the middle of the new testament and want to keep going from leviticus. it's an endless loop.

    I learned the books of the Bible in third grade with this song-

    I think an alphabetical listing of the biblical books is very helpful for those times when a person's brain checks out and leaves him. It happens to all of us. I have some newer Bibles that do also include an alphabetized list, so it was not just the older one from your mother that has provided this.

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    Mostly it helps when you just need that quote or reference and wont bother to say all the rhymes to remember what order they're in.

    Tis is actually a good idea. Most of us (raised in church) memorize them in order. But as time goes by, especially with books we don't use as much, inevitably we will occasionally draw a blank. I've been a minister for nearly 20 years, and I still have "brain cramps" when it comes to getting all the "minor prophets" in order. Alphabetizing is a good solution!

    I assume you mean a topical index for finding passages dealing with certain themes. Some publishers do offer such things in their editions. Those I have seen are usually a guide to substantive discussions in study notes. Even then, I have found it useful to underline or highlight the note references to notes I found most useful. This worked out best for me when I read the whole Bible and study notes together, no matter how long it took me to do it. When I read a really good note I might want to find later, I highlighted the reference in the index to the notes. If there was a really good note, but no reference to it in the index to the notes, I wrote one it myself where I would have expected to find it in the list. Some Bibles also have a junior concordance in the back. If they are not too abbreviated, they can be useful for finding certain things. I have some Bibles in German. I also have a German friend. She would not buy a Bible if it does not have an encyclopedic section in the back that functions like a small Bible dictionary with information on places, people, and biblical themes. From what use I have given those appendices, they are quite good and helpful.

    Yes, I meant that I would be impressed if someone had taken the time to 'do' both ends of the book. When I was at school they made us learn the books like multiplication tables, well they tried anyway. L

    While this is a "crfty" project, if you learned the Books in order when you were under 13, you would KNOW them. This might be okay for people who just learned about the Bible or who became Christians late in life. Please don't quit trying to teach the books of the Bible to children. They are able to memorize if motivated to do memorize when young. If they don't learn then, they'll not be good at memorizing when "mature."

    Well, it isn't the first time I have been accused of being wrong so please help me understand. According to brain research (like Piaget's work and a more recent work, The Brain Book by David xxxxx ( sorry, I can't retreive it right now) the human mind learns to memorize while young and then is better at it when adult. I understand that we are individuals and there are always exceptions to the research. What did I do that is deemed wrong? Anny

    'if you learned the Books in order when you were under 13, you would KNOW them.' I, my dear lady, learned them forward and backward as a child...but over the years, that fact dissipated into forgetfullness. I was an excellent college student, 4.0's, top student in my division....I did that through memorization. Was motivated to publish this ible the day a Jehovah's witness came to the door. She was a young woman, wanted to read me a passage out of Daniel, but was having trouble finding that chapter. So I suggested to her that she might alphabetize the chapters as each Bible is different, as I had done. She thought it was an excellent idea, so...Thanks for writing your critique but there is always, always more than one way to do anything. No offense taken, and none given, I hope. Cman

    Phil B had a good answer and I now understand that you did not skip the classic method of learning to memorize. It is a brain exercise that we have to try and works much like weight lifting in that the more you do, generally the better you will be at it at the time and in the future. I am 58 and I have experienced having to think a little longer. I just don't want our kids to miss trying. You are right about us all needing to know the way we learn or operate best. I just hope we will all try memorizing while our brain is in that stage. Best Regards, Anny

    I began to ride a bicycle for about an hour a day back a couple of years ago. I notice I have fewer "senior moments" since improving my blood flow.

    It is possible to ride in colder weather, too. It helps if the temperatures cool gradually and your body has a chance to become accustomed. Add layers of clothing as needed. Also, see my Instructable on using newsprint to stay warm through winter cycling.

    You could also put those little sticky tabs in your bible, with the book written on the tab.