Alphonse Elric Armour in Aluminium

Introduction: Alphonse Elric Armour in Aluminium

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For anyone wanting the patterns I've attached them to this instructable now, "pdfs.rar"

My current project, the Alphonse Elric suit of armor from the anime Full Metal Alchemist. I have no particular interest in making armor but I thought it would be a great way to pratice my metal shaping. I also learnt to make chainmail so I could fill some of the gaps, in between the arms, legs armpits etc. it won't be wearable, more of a static display. Once finished it will stand at about 2 metres tall.

I started out with a plastic model of Alphonse, using it to make patterns for all the parts I would have to make. I merely used masking tape to replicate each face of the parts. Then I scanned them in and scaled them up, tracing them in solidoworks to make the patterns. I then had them printed out 1:1 scale on A1 paper. It was then a simple matter of cutting out and sticking them on to the alu sheet and cutting them out.

Note though: Some of the simpler parts I did not make patterns for. There is about 25-30mm of excess on some of the pattern edges but not others. Hopefully I'll have it finished by the end of the year, time permitting.



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    I know that this is very old, but would you happen to have a picture or some instructions on how to make the back helmet? I've cut out all the pieces, but I'm at a lost.

    I can't get the fmamotorcycles link to work... a thousand curses on my rotten luck. I finally find some schematics for Als armor and the link doesn't work. Please, let me use your hard work to build my much less metallic version for a costume thing. Can I get a link to a working version of the site or an email with an image file of the patterns you used? I would be very grateful.

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    If the pattern is a little over 2 meters tall then scaling it down %10 should make it about 6ft scale.

    I suppose my pricate messages aren't working. I got yours but it seems you didn't get mine.. no matter, anonymity was fun while it lasted. My Email is I'll just delete the comment after I recieve the patterns. Thanks.

    The error message I was getting is:

    mysql error: [-32000: Cache write error] in CacheExecute(/home/fmamotor/public_html/files/cache/9f/adodb_9f28f7fdab3ec8735c837e0639e2857b.cache, select cParentID from Pages where cID = '57')

    Oh also could you maybe put a reference dimension on the helmet back plates like you did on the front? I printed it out full scale and the borders are the same and my ruler matches the dimensions from adobe but the pieces look massive. They look like they could wrap all the way around my head. What should the final overall length be of one of them?

    I noticed the dome part of helmet did not seem to be anywhere. Am I missing it or was it never a part of the pattern?

    the Top Leg Outside wasn't in the RAR package you'll have to download the individual pdf from the page.

    Seem to lack the front cone in the helmet. I cant find it.

    did you ever finsh the project and do you have pictures of it

    i tried right click and save link as and it didnt work so could you send it to me by email my email is

    Did people try right click/save link as? Works for me.
    This is the instructables link above the comments I am talking about.
    My old web page doesn't exist anymore.

    Yeah, I couldn't get the link to work properly either. When it loaded it just showed a bunch of code or something. Could you please send it to me as well.

    hi i been wanting to make Alphonse Armour for some time but could find a pattern at all i tryed the link but it didn't work could you send it to me by email