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I always loved maffia themed games, maffia themed movies, you name it!
I recently started re-playing Maffia II on my xbox, what is in IMO the best game ever, and since you can both aquire the M1A1 Thompson ÁND the Tommy Gun, I was like, you know, I want one, so I started looking.
no succes, so I made one myself!
I know the body's too big but this was the only way for me to build it...
anyways, it has a fake 50 round drum and 20 round box mag!
including grip and flawless(as in rods dont stick out) stock you can put under your arm to Spray and Pray!!

P.s. those blue rods with the grey one ways are the MG styles flip up sights the Tommy has :^)

Step 1: Thompson Version

this is thompson version of the gun,
it uncludes everything of the tommy exept for the drum( as the real m1a1 can't feed from a drum/won't accept it) and no grip



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    Reply 3 years ago

    I now have my Saiga v3 Build, I'll be posting that today and then I will work on the tommy gun I guess

    Kona-chanLucas The Boss

    Reply 3 years ago

    and I hate the speak easy I got killes by it so damn much
    my fav weapon is my S-12 tiger blood( elite)