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I have always been a fan of Disney's Atlantis animated movie, and ever since seeing it i have wanted my own crystal.  This instructable outlines how I made mine. I made two versions of the necklace. One is a cast resin version, and the other is a quartz crystal version.

Step 1: Master Copy

For the resin version I made the master copies of the crystal and crystal holder out of urethane foam. To make the crystal piece I simply took a couple blocks and sanded it down with some sand paper. For the holder I turned a small chunk on my lathe to get the form.

Step 2: Molding

I then took the parts and made molds for them in Oomoo 25. Pretty straight forward I just used some hot glue and plastic mold boxes taken from around the house. Then I mixed up the Oomoo and poured it over.

Step 3: Castings

The castings are cast in Smoothcast 325 with pigment to change its color. 

Step 4: Wax Form

I used the same mold I used for the resin crystal holder and made a wax version. Then using the lost wax casting method I made a plaster mold of the wax part.

Step 5: Brass Casting

After melting the wax out of the plaster mold I melted some brass and poured it into the empty cavity of the plaster mold. Once it cooled I dunked the freshly cast piece in water and broke up the plaster.

Step 6: Finished Piece

Once I cleaned the casting up I attached it to a quartz crystal I purchased off of ebay. I added a chain and then the Atlantian Crystal is complete.



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    1 year ago

    Are these available for purchase? Because I would be interested in purchasing the one pictured in Step 3, the resin version (I think).


    2 years ago

    Hi!! I know it's 3 years late, please please tell me you still have some. I have been looking for these for so many years, you have no idea. Email me at


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Hey I am also interested in this necklace. Any chance It could be done and shipped out before January 3rd? Also how much would it come to? The best way to contact me is


    3 years ago

    When would you be looking to receive it by?


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Oh, gosh. If you could or would sell one of either I'd love it! D: I dont have material to make it. best way to be reached is ; via messages, it will probably be in my others box but ill still get it. I'm trying really hard to cosplay her, and I feel this is a BIG piece to the puzzle. Email would work as well


    5 years ago on Step 6

    Very good piece. I was fortunate to buy, years back, one of the McDonalds LED light-up plastic "Atlantian crystal" at a flea market for 50 cents. The batteries are dead but that doesn't matter: In any case I cannot open it up to replace the batteries without breaking it in the process.