Altering an Infant's Hooded Pram Suit to a Toddler Jacket AND Booties

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We had purchased a Infant Hooded Pram Suit for my daughter during last winter. I just loved the material. It is such a thick cozy fleece that it really keeps her warm but now she has grown bigger and cannot fit into that. But I really hated to waste this wonderful outerwear so I decided to make some alterations. Hence, this project of Altering an Infant's Hooded Pram Suit to a Toddler Jacket AND Booties

Step 1: Convert an Infant's Hooded Pram Suit to a Toddler Jacket

  • Cut off the legs of the suit with a scissor.
  • Place the zip so that the zip fits into the zip case
  • Stitch the bottom most portion of the zip with a needle and thread so that the zip does not slip off.
  • Fold the extreme bottom to about half an inch and hem them with a needle and thread.

  • Fold it further if you wish to reduce the height of the jacket. I kept it as it is. It comes upto knee length for my daughter and looks just awesome.

The jacket is ready for use.

Step 2: Convert Leg Portion of the One Piece Suit to Boots/booties.

  • Fold the top part of the cut bootie and hem it so it gives a smooth finish.
  • Use decoratives like silver beads and hand stitch it.
  • Put a thick smooth thread in the top rim so we can tighten the booties when required.




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    Thank you for the lovely appreciation :-)

    This is the first time I did something like this and my daughter is actually wearing it so its a great amount of internal happiness. Guess I felt emotional the first day she wore it... he he ... mothers are wierdly emotional I guess.