Alternate U.S.B. Power Supply

Introduction: Alternate U.S.B. Power Supply

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Read the last step now then come back here to start this instructable

Have you ever bought one of those devices that came without a power supply and require USB power source like your computer to charge them up ?? No computer available well I have the answer..

This was done as an add on to a previous instructable but I thought I could use it as a stand alone.

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Step 1: Gather Parts

Gather all your parts you will need. Besides the old power supply and wires a pair of wire cutters and wire strippers and a soldering iron will be needed. some electrical tape or heat shrink  tubes to prevent shorts will help.

I found an old 5 volt supply I had saved from a now defunct router.
The power supply  must put out no more than 5 volts DC. 500ma is probably plenty
 I found couple of unused U.S.B. wires that I could spare to cut up

Step 2: Power Supply

Step one.  Get your power supply and cut off the small plug at the end. leave as much wire on the power supply end as you need or want. 

Now strip the ends of the wires so you have bare wires.

Note that one of the wires has a stripe or some kind of identifying mark on it. well that's usually the positive side.

If you still can't find the positive wire use a volt meter to find it. be careful not to short out these wires now that they are bare.

Oh?? you will have to plug it in to test it. I assumed you already knew that as well as how to use the meter???

This step is done..

Step 3: Wires \ Plugs

Now get the wire you need for your device  and cut off the end you don't need and discard it. Leave some wire on it in case you can use it again.

This step is for the mini U.S.B. plug only.
You will have to find the wiring sequence your your own device if the plug is different.

Now you are left with the plug you need. I would suggest cutting the excess wire off but not all of it. you need at lest 6 inches ( 1.5 CM ) to work with.

Strip this wire as well. Inside the outer shell you will find 4 more little wires strip the red and black wires. The other 2 are for data and not needed.

Step 4: Alternate Plugs

You may also use a female usb plug as well.

This might be a saver route if you only have one of the wires to fit your devise.

for wiring up Use the same procedure as the previous step.

Step 5: Soldering

Assuming you already know how to solder we can start that faze of the operation now.

Take the red wire from the wire and solder  it to the positive side of your transformer \ power supply.

Take the black wire and solder it to the other wire on the power supply.

don't forget to insulate the bare wires before using

Step 6: Testing

Now you are ready to test.

Plug your power supply into the AC outlet.

Now plug your device in. If it charges your done.

If it don't charge or blows up you have wired it up wrong.

Read disclaimer and redo your steps to see where you went wrong.

Did I put a disclaimer on here?  I'll put it on the last step.

Step 7: Extra Liitle Tid Bit.

I folded the wire over just above the joint and put a small wire tie (zip tie) on for stability 

Step 8: Disclaimer

I and the owners of this site will not be held responsible for any injuries to you  or damages done to your equipment if you proceed with  this instructable. Proceed at your own risk .

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