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And yet another year is upon us & so it time for our family tradition of making our tree. This tradition started when our boys were young. At that time we used to make everything that went on the tree, but as the boys got older (and more into building things) it shifted into making our tree. we change the theme every year. I hope you enjoy.

Here is the link to the last two years that we posted here on instructables

Alternative Christmas Tree 2011

Alternative Christmas Tree 2010

Step 1: Building the Tree

So after much family debate about what we were going to make our tree out of this year, we settled on a group of old school chairs, my wife got for an art project, that has yet to happen.

We pulled them out cleaned them off & started stacking. We went through a myriad of design ideas, stacking the chairs  a number of ways. & attempting to come up with an attachment method that wouldn't ruin the chairs.

We settled on a design created by our older son. 

Step 2:

We chose to use zip ties to hold the chairs together.

Once we had the tree in the house, we lived with it for a few days before pulling out our lights. We went through a number of light choices before decided to use the retro set we have. After trying a number of different ornaments we decided this years tree didn't need them.

Thanks for checking this years tree out.



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    5 years ago

    Love it but it's a little to poltergeist for me

    1 reply

    I love this project! I'd like to acquire a bunch of folding chairs for when I have people over. I'll make sure I get wooden ones so I can do this.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I LOVE IT!!! What a great, and creative, idea. I have cats so can't have a 'real' tree (anything that looks like a tree is fair game to them). So I'm going to try something like this. As long as it's secure & stable, they can climb it & without my worrying about them knocking it over like the numerous trees I had before I gave up putting up a tree.

    Great 'ible!!