Altoid Ipod Speaker Case




Introduction: Altoid Ipod Speaker Case

I wanted to do something original and different than all the other altoid tins i had seen that had speakers or were made to hold an Ipod. I like to have music and but i like to protect my Ipod so, I decided to do both: an Ipod case that also has speakers. It is all neatly contained in one altoid tin. I have included instructions on how to make your own Ipod speaker case. This Project took me about 2 to 3 hours. I did however put in some extra time in to make things look really great. You could probably finish it faster than I did.

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Step 1: What You Will Need:

   Altoids tin
   Padding (i used a soda can holder)
   Thread and needle (useful depending on what type of padding you use)

   Wire clippers
   Wire strippers
   Knife (you never know when you'll need it)
   Super Glue

Step 2: Remove the Speakers and Cut the Cords to Length.

When choosing headphones, make sure that they will be as loud as you want. The over ear headphones work quite well. Take apart the headphones with the screwdrivers using them how they are supposed to be use and how they are not supposed to be used. Be careful not to break the headphones or the wires. once you have removed the headphones and all the parts and you are left with only the wires, Cut the wires to the length that you want to fit into the case. Then reconnect the wires however you can(soldering iron, or just twisting the wires together)
Lay the wires flat and tape them so that they don't move around too much. When choosing the spacing of the speakers, make sure that you leave some room around the edges so that they don't get in the way when the tin closes.

Step 3: Measure and Cut the Padding.

Measure and mark where the holes for speakers will be. Cut out the holes and the outside.(photo 2) Insert the Speakers in the holes you have cut and tape everything where you want it to be. I used superglue to glue the padding to the sides of the speakers and also to stick the wires to the padding. Then i started to sew the edge of the padding so that it wouldn't fray or look ugly. Depending on what you use for padding, you might want to sew the edge up.

Step 4: Place the Speakers.

Once you are satisfied with how the speakers look, i.e. they are glued to the padding, the padding is sewed, the wires don't show, Now position the speakers. Make sure that the lid opens and closes without hitting anything before you attach the speakers. Once the position is correct, Glue it in.

Step 5: The Bottom Padding.

Measure and cut the bottom padding out.
Test it and see if it fits.
Position the padding and start gluing. Pull the pad back and put the glue on the side of the tin. Then, push the padding against the tin and don't glue your fingers to it. Repeat this for all four sides.

Step 6: Done!

It should be done. There are other things you can do to spice up your speakers. I added a string on the side to stop the lid from opening too far. You can paint it or whatever.

Step 7: Extras

Here are two of my related projects. One is made just to be an Ipod case. The other is for my friend's Ipod Shuffle. Both are able to be played when the lid is closed. They both have a small hole for the headphone cord to fit through.

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