Handy Altoids Kit

Introduction: Handy Altoids Kit

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This is an awesome Instructable, and a fun kit for ages 8-80.

Step 1: Supplies

What you need.
1. Rubber band
2.Swiss army knife
3.Small match book
4. Piece of paper
6.3-4 fish hooks
7. Fishing line (not shown)
8. Altoids tin
9. Piece of match box (optional)
10. Needle (not shown)

Step 2: Folding the Paper

Follow pictures to see how to fold paper. You can pretty much fold it with out instruction but this is extra.

Step 3: Almost Done

This is a pretty easy Instructable. All this step is is to show you how you can arrage the items.

Step 4: More Ideas

If YOU want to be on my idea list and you have a good idea leave a comment and I'll put it on the list.

I recommend sealing the edge of the tin with wax, or your matches will be useless.... Also, I recommend you use wax paper for your paper. Jobar007

What about polishing the inside of the lid really smooth and shiny, to use as a signal mirror? you could also put a hole in it, if everything else is waterproof...

Also, how about some fishing line wrapped around the pencil,since its stronger than thread and can be used for stitching anything, even flesh, with the hooks, no need for a needle. and a few small zip ties for sewing just about any rips or tears in straps or clothing. Also, i hate to have to say this, but a small roll of duct tape is indispensable (getting a blister on your heel? put a piece of tape on it!) wrap it around the pencil with the fishing line. Add a pocket saw, small candle, aluminum foil andand a plastic bag, you can do just about anything: make a fishing lure, cook your catch, get fresh water in the desert, build a raft and get off whatever island you're deserted on.

Good instructable, a very good start to something that every camper should have! HAL 9000

While duct tape is a good, temporary solution for a foot blister, I found that it peels the blister skin off when removed. Mole skin works better, or just a plain bandaid. Those are designed to be removed without removing the blister skin.

Also, if you need a bobber simply use a dead, dried piece of stick. It looks natural and should not scare overfished fish. A plastic bottle (unfortunately) can also be found at almost every public boat dock in the US and can be used to wrap fishing line around, and as a bobber. Chuckr44

Instead of matches, I'd recommend having some Swedish Firesteel, as it can make sparks, even when wet. It also will last MUCH longer, you know, if you're not sure how long you'll need fire for.. (it lasts a few thousand strikes.) plus, it's pretty small, I'm sure it would fit in your tin. DemiosOne

Step 5: Finally

Go do something and have some fun!!!
I recommend going hiking in The Great Smoky Mountains.



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    I'm sorry to say, but this was mainly plagiarizing from The Dangerous Book for Boys. Still, I like that you enjoy survivalist things. Maybe try to make your own version?

    A small tube of super glue will do a much better job of closing wounds than stitching it yourself, and it fits in the tin! Also, some iron tablets for purifying water are always good to keep on you.

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    really, it's a much safer way to close wounds than stitching yourself in the field. Stitching takes hours and hours of practice before you become effective at it, and you don't want your first time to be on a dirty wound, on yourself, in the middle of the woods, super glue is a great solution. What's you opposition to it?

    shes right super glue was originally designed to bond open wounds in WW1 or 2 i believe

    I wouldn't want superglue getting into my blood, it's toxic and could be fatal.

    I'll take the small amount of toxin contact over the infection & self-stitching, but then again, I'm pretty sure no one has died from super glue poisoning... however, to each their own.

    You are probably correct, sarahfish, probably no one has died of Super Glue poisoning. However, many people have lost limbs or died from botched wound care (for example, closing an old or improperly prepared wound, by whatever means, when it would have been safer to leave it open and draining). If you have not been well trained in a medical procedure, DO NOT DO IT. Stick with first aid and obey the golden rule of medicine, "first, do no harm."

    Actually, we use this in surgery, and have for years. Of course, the medical variety is sterile. And, therein lies the rub. In an out of hospital setting, suturing is problematic. It isn't that it is hard; it is not. The problem is that you should only close a wound (by suturing, surgical staples, or adhesives) if the wound is less than six hours old and you can thoroughly clean it, which may require debriding contaminated and devitalized tissue. Otherwise, it is better to flush the wound with water, clean the surrounding skin with soap and water, covering the wound with sterile gauze, and allow the wound to heal (albeit slowly) from the bottom up.. (Notice that I did not mention alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, or other drug store stuff? That is because you should NEVER put these things in an open wound. Really. NEVER. Anyone who says otherwise does not know enough about human physiology and pathophysiology to be a reliable source of information.) What's that you say? You do not know what "debriding" and "devitalized" mean? Then, my friend, you have no business attempting to suture any wound. Do good, simple first aid, keep it clean, and get to a doctor if you need to. Even minor surgery (including suturing) is not for amateurs, as it is possible to do more harm than good if you do not know how to assess and treat complex wounds.

    do you like have anger issues or something? so what if his title isn't 100% correct? so what if you don't need a pen or pencil or even paper? Some people might! Paper could be used as a fire starter! If you have a stroke of genius, you could write it down, not that you'd know what that was like. this kit is a great idea, even if it isn't perfect. 5000*s for not freaking out at this guy, TMDTK! seriously though, if all you do is slam other people, then get a girlfriend, get a life, and then get off instructables. instructables is a place where people share their ideas and achievements so others can do them, too. i bet that if i wanted to, i could find a TON of things wrong with your instructables, so just stop. if you don't, your comment box will be filled with destructive crap.

    This is an effective survival kit, I would add a few things, including a little zip lock bag to put everything in, and than put it in the tin(easy waterproofing), a candle is essential, also salt, and if you can get your hands on some water purification tablets, as well you should carry a battery and a bit of steel wool (for fire making) after reading the comments people talked about how he stole this, its just an idea for a survival kit, people have been making them for years and i think this is an effective appropriation (i don't use an Altoids can i use a soap box) next supper glue is effective for closing wounds but stitching last longer, remember adapt and overcome use what you have in a survival situation. paper and pencil is good for writing things down (like this plant is edible, this plant is not) and even if you don't think some thing is effective, it probably is in a survival situation any materials that you have is going to make a difference. Great idea for a box to hold a survival kit. :) BTW I am a survival instructor for the Canadian military, just in case anyone needs credentials

    In my kit I put- Q tips A small straw A tiny fork Rubberbands Two mini Ziploc bags A pocket keychain screwdriver(the kind from lee valley A quarter and a penny plastic toothpicks a small pencil, eraser and notepad bandages a mirror a magnifying glass some wire string paper clips saftey pins and thats all that I can remember because I lost the kit

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