Altoids Earbud Case

Introduction: Altoids Earbud Case

So, I got an iPhone recently and love using the EarPods but I didn't like putting them back in the case as it is the cut-out-wrap-around kind. I had been just wrapping the earbuds up and putting them in my pocket...but they get stuck with random stuff in my pockets, like my keys. I had a leftover Altoids Smalls tin case and saw others use the slightly larger the gum and regular sized mint case.
I wrapped my earbuds around two of my fingers and placed them in the empty tin...perfect fit. I'm sure this will work with other earbuds that are similar size as well.

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    Jonny J
    Jonny J

    5 years ago

    I'm afraid the amount of work and planning involved in a project like this is way beyond my capabilities. :(


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction