Altoids LED Head Lamp

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I needed a hands free light to see where i was soldering but added a bonus Red Super Bright LED. i would recommend to not wear this for looks just for working with your stuff and seeing when the power goes out.

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Step 1: Grab Your Stuff

Go Grab your stuff:

I like energy drinks so im gonna drink a Full Throttle Blue Demon their pretty good.
LED's what ever colors you'd like but for this i will use a red and white one my 3rd one burnt out
Tape, i used duct tape, and electrical tape
a few LED holders
Altoids Can i lined mine with Duct Tape
Soldering Iron reccomended but you can just splice the wires if you get a new one i reccomend a 35 watt or a 30 watt
330 ohm 1/4 watt resistors
100 ohm 1/2 watt resistors
Twist Ties or Zip Ties
9V Battery i dont have a picture but im pretty sure you know what im talking about
male and Female RCA jacks
2 drill bits about the size of the LED's and RCA jack

Step 2: Drill Some Holes

okay go measure your LED's, I'm using 5mm, and get a drill bit About that size because the LED holders need to be Snug. i was going to put three LED's in the altoids can but i decided to mess with one of the LED's and wonder if i could run 9v through a 3v LED without a resistor. yeah. didn't work. anyway go grab your drill and drill three holes in the top and one on the side, the pictures will explain more on where to drill. if you line yours with duct tape after you drilled just take a switch blade or a utility knife and cut a plus sign. The RCA jack isn't required but i didn't have a switch and i have about a billion of these from that grab bag, when your drilling i put mine in a vice and took off the lid so it wouldnt shake and go everywhere, plus it gives you more room

Step 3: My Bird Rocky Helped

the RCA jack is just power to the 9v but is not required. Okay, hopefully the LED holders fit in your altoids can but put those in the holes you drilled and make sure the LED's fit then pry back the sides on the holders and take out the LED's but don't hook em up yet. go grab some wires make sure you know which lead is positive and negative on the LED's, where i live the longer one is the positive and the shorter is the negative, then wrap the wires around the leads and solder them together and make sure they don't come off with a small tug. then use the electrical tape and wrap each lead but not all the way, leave some of the leads of the LED at the top showing. For my Red LED i needed a 330 ohm resistor for my white one i needed a 100 ohm cause i wanted maximum brightness from the 9v but if you use 2 white LED's then i would connect them in parallel and the red as a single, the red LED I'm using is a super bright one so i only need one but i burned out one of my LED's so im only using 2 but if you do connect the white ones in parallel you will need 2 resistors. then add a switch with 3 leads between the three positive wires.

Step 4: Mhm

okay i used plumbers tape wrapped in duct tape except for 2 holes at the ends (the picture describes it more) then stick one of the ends inside one of the holes on the back then out the other. take a zip tie or a twist tie and you can stick it in the holes to keep it tight to your head..USE TAPE, it will cut your head if you dont. oh yeah, size the plumbers tape before you cut it.

Step 5: You're Done

i hope you enjoyed my instructable, if you need more pictures let me know, i used a Sony 10.2 megapixel D-SLR X100 Camera, sorry i cant get pictures with the head strap on and through the altoids can. When the light is on they are not both on at the same time.

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    15 Discussions


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I made one of these to replace the case for a broken headlamp. I used an altoids bubble gum tin for it though. Using small pieces of metal for clips it only took 5 leds 3volts in any form and 4 metal rivets (2 per prong) and its a lot stronger than the previous plastic case.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Not to sound rude, but there's something fishy going on with your ratings. If I navigate to the "they like it" tab at the right hand side, I can see many new users who joined around February 3rd/4th who have only rated your project with a + and then have done nothing since. Also, many of the names seem to be random letters and numbers that someone has just made up, as if they didn't need to remember them. You wouldn't happen to know anything about this would you? A rating of 25 in less than 500 views is highly unlikely.

    1 reply

    11 years ago on Introduction

    I read all the LED Instructables. This one is good. And if you slap that dude on your forehead when you go to school, then you are guaranteed to NEVER get a girl to talk to you in that school. But otherwise, you did a good job. My only suggestion would be to find some of the Instructables on taking and using photos for Instructables and see what you can learn. Reducing clutter is what I'm thinking.

    3 replies

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    I'm talking about your Instructable, using it in public, and improving photos. What are you asking about?


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    OH now i see, the dude is my instructable, hell no, i would never wear this in public for looks or anything, that would be the worst possible thing to do to my reputation, lmao


    11 years ago on Introduction

    This is really cool. I think if you got a few more LEDs and programed a microcontroller you can have it as a three way light. By doing that you can use the red light and the green light at night to make it easer to see and white lite so you can use in a not so well lit room.

    2 replies

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    i would do that but im not sure if radio shack sells those and i dont know how to program them, but i know what your talking about, good idea


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    they sell this thing to show you and helps you to program. its really cool cuz i have it and its really really fun.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    This is just SWEET! (As in awesome.) SUPER cool job, I like how you have a lot of stuff, like LEDs, and the tool box. Great job, I hoped Mr. Jones liked the mints. :P