Altoids Micro SD Card/adapters Storage



Introduction: Altoids Micro SD Card/adapters Storage

Hi everyone.

This is a simple instructable to convert Altiods tin box into a nice little storage you can put in your pocket without being afraid of losing your Micro SDs and your adapters. I have been looking for something to store my cards but I did not find exactly what I needed. My little box stores SD Card adapter, USB adapter and about 4 Micro SDs. This instructable works with DANE ELEC card/adapters package I purchased in Target for about 12 dollars. Foam was about 3.50 and Altoids, I don't even remember, 99 cents? Anyway the whole thing costs maybe 20 dollars.

You are going to need:
1. Altoids Smalls box
3. Peel and Stick Foam (Walmart - crafts section)

Step 1:
Take you Altoids box, turn it upside down and make an imprint in the foam.

Step 2:
Cut the shape of the box out of the foam following the inner line.

Step 3:
Out of the shape you just cut out, cut one of the long sides off since if you leave it there you will not be able to close the box. Picture #5.

Step 4:
Remove the protective film from the back of the foam and glue it to the lid of the box as you can see on the picture #6. 

Step 5:
Out of the foam, cut out strips about 1/8"  thick and cut each strip into about 1/4". These measurements are not exact, since I did not measure it. But, it will give you general idea. You will need 7 little foam pieces. Picture #7.

Step 6:
On the 7th picture you see how these little pieces will hold your adapters in place. Take you adapters and  place them inside to get general idea where they will be situated. Than, remove the protective film and place them tightly around your adapters. You will need to double them up around the SD card looking adapter and leave only one layer on the left side next to the USB adapter (if you double the foam on the left,  box will not close). Picture #8.

Step 7:
Make another imprint of the box as you did before but this time cut it out following inner edge of the imprint. Cut out 2 of them, remove the protective film from one of the pieces and make double layer. Pictures #10 and 11.

Step 8:
Cut it now into 3 pieces horizontally. This will create slots for your Micro SD cards. You can cut it to more pieces if you want to store more than 4 cards. Picture #12. After that you remove the protective film and glue them in the box next to each other to form a bottom with slots.

Step 9:
Cut another piece out of the foam. This time, trace you box, follow the outer line and cut in thirds vertically. Take you outside pieces, remove the protective film from one of them and stack it. Picture #13

Step 10:
Remove the protective film and glue it to left bottom side. The reason for this is that it will help hold the USB adapter in place and if you try to put one of your Micro SD cards in on that side, the box will not close. Picture #14.

That is it, your done. Place your Micro SD cards in together wit your adapters and pat your self on the back. I hope you like it. I know, it's not professorial looking product but it works. 

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