Altoids Office Warfare Kit




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In this Instructable I will show you how to make a few office weapons while freshening your breath. 
Do Not Use To Hurt Anyone!

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:
1 bic mechanical pencil
1 bic click pen
1 bic cap pen
2 any-brand cap pens
1 click pen with a top you can unscrew
1 pocket knife with metal file, pliers, and knife
10 toothpicks
Some scotch tape
And most importantly, an Altoids Tin!

Step 2: Pen Blow Dart Gun

Unscrew the top of the screw pen. Set aside. Throw out the rest of it. Take one of the any brand pens and uncap it. Take out ink. Save the ink. Remove bottom part. Save for a different step. Cut the barrel of the pen so it fits inside the Altoids tin. Throw out the longer end. Connect the first piece to the of the unscrew-able pen to the cut piece of pen. Cut off the metal part of the ink. Rinse ink. Put ink in the new pen blow gun. Blow. It will launch about 5-10 ft.

Step 3: RPG Bic Pen

Rocket Propelled Grenade. Disassemble click pen. Remove spring. Cut ink to fit Altoids tin. Cut tip of pen off. Crucial: Do not cut off bumpy part of ink! Assemble pen like picture 3. Insert ink. Put bumpy part at bottom to explode. Put bumpy part at to have a one piece missile. Click pen to fire. 

Step 4: Bic Lightsaber Pen

Disassemble the bic cap pen. Throw away grip. Assemble the two parts shown in picture 4. Tape the end of the ink. Reassemble the rest of the pen. To "activate" uncap and flick wrist.

Step 5: Bic Mechanical Pencil Gun

Unscrew at the bottom. Cut off black part and remove spring. Cut to size in picture 4. Cut off top (picture 5). File the colored part for better fit. No picture. Sorry. Add rubber band (picture 1).

Step 6: Extras

Now start wars with classmates and co-workers!
Please rate! I will answer any questions! If you really liked it send me a patch!



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    I admit thats realy funny. ;)