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    in my opinion, gummy bears would cause an insect problem in an actual survival scenario. I use peppermints or those chicken broth cubes. Thanks for posting, though

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    Actually, gummy bears would be good (not as food though). If you added any form of alcohol (which the sugary gummies readily absorb), then between the stored alcohol and sugar, it will be a long lasting, easily lit, flammable object. Sugar also burns very hot and can be used with a varity of less favorable kindle.

    Good but 2 gummy bears are not going to help to much. Replace the space with snare wire and fishing stuff. Good job!

    That's really cool. After I read this, I made my own. It contains: matches, a striker, a candle, some cotton, tin foil, a fishing hook, line, and a lure, some band-aids, some safety pins, an x-acto knife, a Ziploc, a floss pick, and a pill. In an altoids smalls.

    Very cool! I plan on working on an Altoids Smalls tin myself. One thing I see a lot for people who include candles: instead of regular candles they use "trick" birthday candles because they are harder to blow out. :)

    I recently uploaded my Altoids survival tin, lemme know what you think!