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Heyho it's me again.
One of you asked me in my Altoids MP4-Player project if it is possible to make a smartphone like this.
I already did it months before ;) and here it is.
As in every Instructable I wanna say that I am from Germany and my English is, as you can think yourself, not the best ;)

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Step 1: The Smartwatch

Here is an example for an working smartwatch, specially my smartwatch I used for this Project.

Step 2: What You'll Need

Is of course an Altoids tin
An old and cheap smartwatch from eBay you can get there some for at least 50-60€
Some foam (ask your mom she will have a sponge in her kitchen or bathroom)
The original Altoids mints
Hot glue or a soldering station (hot glue is more easier)
And some screwdriver for disassembling.

Step 3: Disassembling, Planning and the Altoids Tin

It is important to disassemble the Smartwatch from its case.
After you disassemble the Smartwatch you need to put the whole smartwatch with the Akku in the Altoids tin.
Then you look where you need the holes in the tin for USB or SD-Card, etc.
the you need a little piece of another Altoids tin as a kind of a divider.
Fix the divider with hot glue or solder it like I did.
Then cut out the foam and cut into the foam a hole for the Akkumulator then place the foam into the tin.
Then tape the Akku on the circuit board. MAKE SURE NOTHING IS WOBBLING AROUND!!!!
Then place the Sandwich into the foam, into the tin.

Step 4: Finallizing the Project

The last step put the original mints in the other part of the tin.
Make sure the screen turns on while pushing the ON/OFF button.
If everything is working tape the stylus pen  

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    Thank you for posting this! Sorry I'm late on thanking you but I've been busy lately.