Altoids Speakers!




If you want to hear music in bed but don't want to fall asleep and get choked by the 'phones or 'buds, here are some mini speakers for you.

I warn you the sound isn't great but it's pretty good for an altoids tin. Besides, if it's quiet in your room it's good enough.

*Regular size altoids tin(1.76 oz)
*Headphones you won't want back(cheap ones)
*felt(for the inside of the tin)
*small paperclip
*Scissors or other cutting tool(optional, but recommended)
*Foam adhesive(better and neater than tape)

Step 1: Headphone Surgery

Take your cheapo headphones. I'm sorry i couldn't provide a picture, but it's fairly simple. Take the soft pads of the earphones(keep 'em for later). Then use pliers to remove them from the head set. The 'phones usually are latched in. The latches must be broken, but they are plastic so it's easy. Wear goggles in case the plastic breaks off and hits you in the face. Safety first right? After this step you will have the "speakers" and the earpads. Throw away the headband part.

I finished this before the instructable, so I am showing you the finished version. You can get the idea either way. Hope it's not confusing. This is my first instructable so comment.

Step 2: Prepare the Tin

Eat the altoids in the tin. Then cover the inside of the tin with felt. Glue the felt to anchor it. You can just use elmers. You can get the felt real cheap at craft stores. I used green for mine; a sort of "pool table" look.

You can see I lined the top and the bottom with the felt(inside the tin)

Then cut an opening in the tin on the side so when you close the tin the cord can come out.

Step 3: Finish It Up.

Put the headphones into the earpads, and then put an adhesive square on the back or strong tape. Don't use glue for this one.

Now take your paperclip and straighten it out, except for the top. Bend the top into the shape in the picture.
You will use this to prop the tin open when listening. You could also leave the tin completely open(duh) but sometimes this gives better sound. Do what you like.

Step 4: Your Done!

Now the speakers are in the tin, the tin is prepared. Now plug the headphone cord into your music player, but first turn the volume up all the way! This is the only way you can hear it, but it works surprisingly well. Use the paperclip to prop it open, or not. You can paint the in or leave it blank.

Sorry if this was confusion- I should have done this better.

And for all those who think "why don't I just buy a speaker system?" Ok I know this doesn't get great sound. Come on. It's just cool to make. Maybe you should go buy a speaker system. This is just a cool little project for cheap.

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3 years ago

I was able to use an Altoids Minis and use some smaller headphones, it looks the same, just smaller!


5 years ago on Step 4

Hello! Nice Project! I have a simple suggestion; Maybe you could drill small holes on the top of the tin in a circular area and turn the speakers the other way around. I'm trying to incorporate this speaker system in a minty boost kit. Thanks a lot!


5 years ago

You need an amp

look up altoids tin speaker. it already has an amplification circuit in it, and just plug a male to male audio cable into the output source and tin. i, also, have found that earphones or headphones are much more efficient at volume, or at lest they produce more sound with the same power (that's how it is for me with a lot of things)


Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

Lol, i like how they call them "Male" and "Female" parts, cuz the male component goes in the female one XP

well, I think that depends on the headphones in use. I have a pair of extremely poor quality headphones that are better called speakers. At a maximum volume setting, they sound much better than otherwise.

Derek Vigil

7 years ago on Step 4

What I did with mine was put the speakers on the bottom part of the can so that the wires didnt bend or anything. Thanks, this instructable did help.


9 years ago on Introduction

 if you take EARBUDS and put them into a PVC tube, might need some cutting, get 1/2 INCH kind, and then you have super loud stuff, BUT YOU NEED to experiment with lenght, depending on ur general music type to get rite, because it WILL screw the sound if YOU DON't.
Sorry CAPS lOck kEy is beinG reaLLY WEIRD


9 years ago on Step 2

you should turn the speakers around because this will stop the sound from being absorbed by the can


9 years ago on Introduction

I have made it and find that it is a pretty good idea. it produces about as much sound as iphone speakers, but is a great accessory to carry with an ipod


Reply 10 years ago on Step 2

cause without the felt the can will vibrate and make the sound sound crappy. so with the felt it kinda of acts like a sound absorber and makes the sound sound cleaner =)