Altoids Strap: Level Easy

About: Hello my names josh im 14 I like making toys like wooden swords knives and I also like making real weapons like wolverine claws and claw. Checkout my YouTube for iPhone help and how to make some cool stuff!

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Step 1: Supplies

You'll need tape some kind of strap (or make a strap out of tape) a knife or scissors a glue gun or tape for the top

Step 2: The Top

For this you'll need either a glue gun or tape I used a glue gun and glued my strap on the top of the Altoids can

Step 3: The Bottom

For the bottom you'll need 3 stripes of tape and do as I did in the photo

Step 4: The Bottom Part 2

Then put the 3 strips on the bottom as I did in the photo (remember to leave a little room for the strap)

Step 5: All Done!

All done! I hope you all enjoyed this see you all next time!

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