Altoids Survival Fire Starting Tin




Introduction: Altoids Survival Fire Starting Tin

(Please mind the horrid sanding job)

Here is my Altoids fire starting survival kit. It is basically a larger version of my mini fire starting tin. I hope you enjoy! Thanks for looking :)

Step 1: Supplies Within

Here are my basic fire starting items:

Mini Bic
2 wax and cotton fire starters
1 cotton pad
1 tea light
2 candles
Book of matches with spare matches
A bit of aluminum foil for a wind screen when starting fire, or for reflecting candle light

Here are some extra items I snuck in there, I had room, so why not?

4 Bandaids
Anti Itch hydrocortisone creme
Triple antibiotic in straw
1 Razor blade
3 hooks
Extra striker

Step 2: Load Tin

Start with thinnest items, then work your way up to larger heavier items. This way your light stuff won't blow away in wind. You can substitute some of these items with things you find more useful.

Step 3: Get a Good Fire Going

Here you can see I sanded my tin so I could boil water in it/cook in it.

A reason why I am not a fan of plastic lighters - plastic burns, sometimes without a flame. The lighter sitting next to me kind of blew up.

Here's a nice little campfire I got going with this very kit.

Use the matches to light your cotton ball or firestarters. The Bic can be last resort. Candles are great for light and you can even rest the tin above the candle to boil water in the tin. You can use the aluminum foil to cook in or reflect light from the candle. I hope you enjoyed this instructable :) Thanks for checking it out! I have a few other ones worth looking at on my profile.

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    6 years ago

    Mattakers, you should make Instructables on your kits, I'd dig seeing them!


    6 years ago

    Haha, yeah I think I kind of stuffed them in there for having spare space. Thanks for commenting :)


    6 years ago

    How are you gonna fish without line? ;)