Altoids Survival Kit


Introduction: Altoids Survival Kit

About: I am 14, I live in Texas, I'm very into fishing, hunting, and all things outdoors. I consider myself as a junior prepper and yes I'm young to worry about the end but it's always been something I've done and ...

Ok so this is my first Instructable so don't be harsh. I saw all these others and I thought I should make my own. I hope you like it and please leave helpful comments

Step 1: Supplies Needed

Empty Altoids tin
Small square of tin foil
Tums (8)
Advil or any ibuprofen
5 waterproof matches bubblegum
Small black rubber bait
Small fish hook
Small clamp on weight
Bobby pin
Ziploc bag folded and taped
Toothpick rubber band
Match striker off matchbox
Small needles

Step 2: Instructions

Wrap tums in foil and seal it tight
Put tums and Advil and plastic bag in first then organize everything else on top. Tape or glue striker to top of lid and wrap rubber band around outside.

Step 3: Not Included

The fishing line was what was not included. The line was actually green thread so that it would be versatile to all needs (stitching a wound, mending clothes, fishing, etc). This was about 50 feet and I took the metal peice off the end of a wood pencil and removed the eraser. Then I took pliers and folded the ends to keep the string on. Wrap and done!

Step 4: Thanks for Reading My Instructable Hope You Survive



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    6 Discussions

    Hey mat takers glad you saw how I talked about the line

    Oops I see where you talked about line.

    You could make the trash bag long and thin and then wrap it around the tin.

    What are you going to do with hooks and no LINE? I would recommend 10 feet of para cord. It has many uses and you can take the outer shell of to use the inner strands.

    Jmwells thanks for the advice. By the way the trash bag didn't fit. Sorry

    Very good start. Cram in a trash bag, if you can.