Altoids Survival Kit

About: What do you call a spoon, knife and fork? a...... SPIFRK! Meaning of life right there.

*In a British Bear Grylls voice*

"Being alone in the wilderness is punishing! You are stranded somewhere and wild animals are there to gobble you up like a salted biscuit. What you need is an outdoor survival kit. Preferably small, like an Altoids tin."

Shall we create?

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Step 1: Acquire a Tin.

Altoids, altoids so many uses. Robots, flamethrowers, stoves and slow cookers! (Im not kidding)

"How do I get one?"

You can go to the store. Buy it, and eat all the candy. *Brush your teeth.*

*New teeth brushing Instructable soon to come!*

Step 2: Magnet Strips

Muchos magnets!

- Put a magnet strip on the lid of the tin so magnetic things stick to the lid. (needles, safety pin, fishhooks.)

Step 3: Things to Put In:

Step 4: Medical Supply


-PDI sting relief pads.

-Nexcare waterproof bandaid(s)

-An assortment of bandaids

-Cotten ear swabs

Step 5: Gone Fishing

To catch a variety of fish, use small hooks.

"Big hooks catch big fish, Small hooks catch big and small fish"-SAS survival guide


-Various sizes of hooks

-An artificial bait worm

-Braided wire

-Lead sinkers

-As much fishing line as possible. (heck, you could stuff the whole thing full!)

-2 rotators

Step 6: FIRE!

You should have about a billion ways to light a fire in your kit. Gasoline, molotov cocktails, flame throwers, bombs, gunpowder, lighters, nukes, *_____________*

*add own idea in comments*

I have 2 ways in my kit.


-Matches and strikers

-Magnifying glass

Step 7: Everyone's a Bit of a Fixer-upper!- Disney Frozen

You: ''mrwonton, stop singing!

Me; ''Never!" *Evil laugh*


-Fabric patches

-Threads and needles

-Safety pins

-3 buttons

Step 8: Build/ Snares

Sometimes snares help. You- "MMMM tasty rabbit."


-Snare wire

-3 zip ties


Step 9: Tools

You can never have enough tools. That is the ultimate truth.


-Mini pen

-Folding scissors

-Jigsaw blade

-Mini letter opener turned blade

Step 10: Rescue/ Communication


-Battery and LED pushed up to one another to create improv flashlight

-Signalling mirror

Step 11: Cram the Stuff In

Cram it in.

Step 12: Go Survive and Don't Die.

Now with your kit, don't get lost and if you do, the little kit will make a big difference in life or death.

And if you have the chance, get a picture of your kit with a bunch of bananas.



Step 13: EXTRA!

How did I get those amazing shots?

WITH MY................ cardboard. Thats it.

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    1 year ago

    Great kit, how did you get all that stuff in that little box?