Altoids Tin Guitar!




Introduction: Altoids Tin Guitar!

I�ll show you how to make the most simple E-Guitar with just
an Altoids can
old iPod Earbuds
a few Screws
Strings(For Guitar or wire)
A leatherman
a Soda can

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Step 1: 1. Parts

here are the parts

Take iPod Earbuds which you dont need and break the Head off but don�t damage the Electronics!
Check if the earbuds still work, if yes go on if no get new ones. when you have done that Cut off one Earbud!(htro awy or keep it )

An Altoids can or anythin Similar


4 very very small screws

Guitar Strings or Wire(didn�t realy matter for me but if you plan on making the Musiclisten like Something get Guitar Strings)

A Leatherman or Pliers and pointy metal thingy

Step 2: 2. Assembly Part 1 (Body or Corpus)

First drill a hole, trough which the Jacks of the Earbud fit.

Then get your plywood and make a longer but not very wide peace.
Should look like this.

Glue it in and another pice of plywood on top of it. like so

Add Plywood until it is higher than the top of the Altoids can but still allows it to open or close.

Step 3: 3. Assembly Part 2 (Strings)

make 4 holes in the side of the can opposite to the Plywood.

Then put 4 Screws in the Plywood.

now get a Soda can and cut out a rectangle bend it and cut 3 Triangles out of it that it looks like that

Glue this to the top of the Altoids can.

Step 4: 4. Assembly Part 3 (Electronics)

poke 3 holes between the Side where you Put the Soda can rectangle and the Side with the Plywood.

(sry no pics :-( )

Glue the broken up Earbud right under these three holes. Lead most of the wire through the hole you made in Step 2 there should be now only the Earbud and a little bit of wire leading to the hole.

Step 5: 5. Assembly Part4 (Strings Part 2)

Before you close the Altoids box put the 4 wires troughthe 4 Holes you made earlier

make a Know or something so they don´t get ou easily.

lead the wire over the Soda Can rectangle and to the Screws. Wind the Wire a few times around the Screws until they fit thight. now Screw the Screws in until the Wires are perfecly straight.

Step 6: 6. Have Fun!

Congratulations! You are now in teh possesion of a Altoids E-Guitar. To play it just connect the earbud cocnnector to the Audio input on your Computer. Open up an Application like garageband and tell it to record a instrument which is recorded by Microphone. Also activate the In-Line as an primary Audio input. Now Make your guitar sound like you whish by adjusting the Highs and deeps and so on.

Have a lots of Fun!

Sorry for the Bad Audio but there was Something wwrong with the In-Line

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    5 Discussions


    8 years ago on Step 4

    What do the headphones do I don't understand the point of the


    10 years ago on Introduction

    My Earphones don't work as pickups. Do you have to use ipod earphones?
    Cause i just used the ones that you get in planes! Awesome idea!! 


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Those earphones should work but maybe they are just to Cheap and/or already broken.
    Try to get ur hands on a Microfon from a Headset(should work even better)  or be on a permanent look out for Earphones ;) 


    10 years ago on Introduction

    The Headphones go right under the Part where the Strings meet the thhe Soda can part. you should have mdae 3 holes there into the Altoids can(sry for my bad english i am from Austria "_)
    the Camera? I used my SE k750i Mobile for the pics because i have no cam. i just can´t hold still. xP i´ll try to make it better nex time