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Introduction: Altopoly - the Ultimate Tin Game

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We all have one and we all love it..

I'm talking of course about the popular board game by Waddingtons, "Monopoly"

Recently in the UK, we have had a promotion through McDonalds and Monopoly called "Monopoly Fortunes".
With this promotion, you get a little "Official Game Board" book leaflet thing and then certain things that you purchase at McDonalds, there is a sticker on it and you stick these on your board booklet and win prizes...

Anyway, my son and I went into McDonalds on the last day of this promotion and my son picked up one of these booklets and when we got home, asked me to help him to make this into a Monopoly board game, which I thought was a great idea and would help to get his creative juices flowing.

Step 1: Gathering Materials:

We gathered the following materials:

Official Monopoly Fortunes Game Board from McDonalds
Altoid Tin (empty)
Our much loved Monopoly board (for reference)
Coloured Straws (green & red)
A4 paper
Stick Glue
Pen & Coloured Crayons / Pencils
Coloured Drawing Pins / thumb tacks

Step 2: Let's Do It:

The Board:

Open up your Official Board Game booklet and carefully cut out the strips of board
Use the stick glue to glue these to a piece of A4 paper in the correct formation (use your Monopoly board as reference)
Leave to Dry and then write down the property values on each property
Draw 2 rectangles on the board and write under them Chance and Community Chest.
My son called his board "Charlopoly"

The Houses / Hotels:

We cut up small pieces of the red & green straws for the Houses and Hotels and put them in a small baggie to keep them safe.

Property Cards:

On another piece of A4, draw out little squares, we used 1 1/2 inch x 1 1/2 inch.
Divide these into 3 sections each, use the top for the Property title, the middle for the rent amounts
& the bottom for the Morgage and House/Hotel fee
We used the coloured crayons / pencils to colour the top section of the property card in so it matched the same as the board.

Players Piece/Counter:

We used the coloured drawing pins (thumb tacks) to use as player pieces/counters for the game.


Here, we cut out some little piece of paper, 2cm x 1 1/2cm and wrote on them the values of the money, we didn't colour these in as that would just take toooooo long. We attached a paper clip to each money pile just to keep them together.

Community Chest & Chance:

Cut out the same size cards as you did the rectangles on the board and use the real ones, write them down as best you can in the small ones. Remember to write "CHANCE" & "COMMUNITY CHEST" on the backs as you do them.

Step 3: Tadaaaa:

And basically, that's it.

Pack it all away in your altoids tin to keep everything safe and together,
we used little bags that we found to keep each group of things in
And don't forget your dice.


( My son and I played this just after we made it and he thrashed me )

Step 4: Disclaimer:

"Monopoly" is a registered trademark of John Waddington Ltd and Copyright 1935> Parker Brothers, Inc.
"McDonalds" is also a registered trademark.

I am using these for entertainment only on Instructables and will immediately remove this instructable if required to do so. I am simply showing you what my 8year old son did to recycle the Fortune board game leaflet after it's useful date .




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    4 Discussions

    That's awesome! I love monopoly. Next time monopoly comes to Canada ill try making it!

    Hi, thanks for taking the time to write your kind comments, yes "thumb tacks" are our drawing pins. I got some with coloured heads and they're idea to play with. It's a great little board and very playable too. Thanks again, I appreciate it :-)

    Brilliant! This was a great idea, but not only that; you also wrote it up very nicely. I really like your idea of using the little pieces of drinking straws as the houses and hotels.

    At first, I missed the part where you mentioned using the drawing pins (they look like what we call thumb tacks, here in the states.) It's kind of hard to tell from the photo, but is that what they are?