Aluminium User Interface Stencils

Introduction: Aluminium User Interface Stencils

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  • Save time on your next user interface, reuse a can.

These easy to make easy to use cards make your user interface design jump right off the page!


  • Aluminium Can


  • Xacto Knife / Precision Cutting Tool
  • Scissors
  • Pen / Marker

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Step 1: Skin and Flatten the Soda Can

  1. (Xacto)
    Score a circle around the circumference of the can's top.
  2. Remove the top.
  3. Score another circle around the circumference of the can's base.
  4. Remove the base.
  5. (scissors)
    Cut down the center of the can
  6. (on a corner or pipe)
    'Stretch' the aluminium sheet over the corner. (since the aluminium is malleable, it doesn't take much force)

Step 2: Cut Out a Card

I like the idea of having my stencils in a deck of cards for easy access so, I will be using the size of a credit card. Use any size you like.

  1. (pen)
    Trace around the credit card's perimeter.
  2. (knife)
    Score around the credit card's perimeter.
  3. Punch out (pry)

Step 3: Transfer Your Vector

  1. Using a marker outline your vector.
  2. (Xacto)
    Score the outline of your vector as before when removing the card.
  3. Punch out or pry up the vectored piece.

Step 4: Done

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    4 years ago

    I would have never thought to use an old can for a stencil. Great job!


    Reply 4 years ago

    I use these all the time, I would have never though to share

    Thanks for the feedback!