Aluminium Foundry - Build It !





Introduction: Aluminium Foundry - Build It !

About: French art sculptor / Artist & Youtuber

A small kiln or aluminum foundry to do at home with simple things. See it ! Very simple.

Step 1: Make Refractory Concrete

Make your own refractory concrete with sand, volcanic stone and cement.

Step 2: Put It in Bucket Reserving a Hole

A bucket have to be filled with the refractory concrete. After that you can reserved a hole to put air.

Step 3: UP to the Foundry

Make the lid of the foundry.


After drying, it's time to put the fire on and to found aluminum !



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    3 Discussions

    Don't use cement! The moisture in it could cause it to explode. Use plaster instead.

    Thank you for sharing your design idea. Metal casting is next on my project list, I like the fact you use wood as a fuel instead of charcoal or propane as many others do, this makes it the least expensive way to enjoy the hobby.

    Merci de partager votre idée de conception. Coulée de métal est le prochain sur ma liste de projet, je l'aime le fait que vous utilisez du bois comme combustible à la place du charbon de bois ou le propane comme beaucoup d'autres, ce qui rend le moyen le moins cher pour profiter de la passe.

    Interesting design. Have you created any molds in it or shapes?

    Would be nice to see a product! Thanks.