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I was taught this by a gentleman who wears this in copper.  I'm not into turning green so, I thought to use Aluminum wire.  I've been wearing this for some time and sell lengths of this chain at my local swap meet for various projects. 


Step 1: Materials

This is the type of aluminum wire that I use.  The size of the wire has a lot to do with the link size.  I acquire this wire at my local scrap yard by the usual "buy back" policy.  A foot of this wire is not worth much. Its been free and I paid as much as a dollar...... real high end stuff!  This black wire here is as big around as my index finger. That would make almost 10 feet.

Step 2: Tools

A razor knife to strip the wire.
Needle nose or chin making pliers.
A pair of wire cutters.

Step 3: First Bend

Almost bend it to a figure 8.

Step 4: Second Bends

More like wraps back around on itself.  The number of wraps is determined by how big the link is.

Step 5: Next....

Hook your first link on the eyelet of your next loop.  Then just repeat your link.

Step 6: And Again and Again And........

Its a repetitive process and very time consuming.

Step 7: Clasp

I simply cut a link and bend it back on itself.  That's just my style. but people also use aluminum clasps like the other photo.



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