Aluminum Beer Bottle Stove - 2 Piece


Introduction: Aluminum Beer Bottle Stove - 2 Piece

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A very popular DIY design, I noticed instructables was lacking a "rolled edge" aluminum bottle stove instructable so I figured I'd make one. These are fun an easy to make. Once you make the die you can reuse it over and over to make more stoves. The photos should pretty much explain everything but if I missed something or you need clarification feel free to ask in the comments section.

Stove In Use:



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    separating the the die in both processes is very simple if you blow in air with a compressor.

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    This saved the day thanks! I ruined a few pieces by crushing the cans in trying to twist them out. I tried lube, and drilling several pressure relief holes to no effect, but some air from a keyboard duster popped it right out.


    2 years ago

    I can not open the Gray Zone info!!



    I just got 2 aluminum Bud light bottles and I was wondering if I could stand on the die to roll the lip. I only have 240lbs. (109kg) to work with though. I really don't want to go buy a hydraulic jack or a shop press to do this.

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    I've made a hobby out of making these little stoves, and once I made one of these rolled aluminum stoves, I found it's by far my favorite. VERY sturdy and great flame.

    I have used the scissors jack from my car in place of the hydraulic jack. Just be VERY careful to keep everything aligned and stable.

    Nicely presented, Clear instructions, Pictures, Warnings, Tool and Material requirements, a demonstration video.... I'd say you covered everything. I've tried a few of the penny stoves made with thin aluminum cans and I prefer this design personally. Keep up the good work. +1 for this guy

    Not sure why this got rejected for the Indestructables contest, I can stand on the thing and it won't crush and it's fireproof :) Oh well, hopefully there is a camping contest later this year I can submit it to.