Aluminum Casting for Beer Lovers. Casting a Classic Shape Aluminum Bottle Opener



I've already made a review where I made a key ring bottle opener. This time I've decided to make a classic style bottle opener. As usual I will make this bottle opener using lost-foam casting technology.

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Step 1: Cutting a Bottle Opener

First of all, I need to cut out a shape of a bottle opener from a polystyrene sheet.

Step 2: Making a Mold

Using green sand I'll make a mold. I always use 2 risers. In my opinion, it's the easiest way for casting.

Step 3: Casting

Before casting I load as much aluminum as possible into the crucible. When aluminum was melted I added more. On the final stage I threw away the dross. After that it was time to cast

Step 4: Opening a Mold

After casting I waited for 15 minutes and opened a mold. Casting result is not bad :)

Step 5: Cheers!

When a bottle opener is ready it can be used for opening an appropriate bottle :)

Step 6:

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