Aluminum Cribbage Board




Introduction: Aluminum Cribbage Board

I learned to play cribbage as a child and have enjoyed playing ever since.  It was a great game to learn to help with counting, adding and strategy.  A couple of years ago I decided to take an old chunk of aluminum and machine a cribbage board of my own.  I used autocad to lay out the pattern and an end mill to do the machining.  It took some time, due to the fact that I had to surface the board and drill out 481 holes.  For the pegs I used aluminum welding filler rod with colored heat shrink to keep track of which pegs were together.  I did not make the cards, but I thought the picture would look nice with a perfect 29-point hand on display.

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    9 Discussions

    Wow, this looks so nice

    This is the sort of thing you see in high end designer magazines, selling for ridiculous money, so great job :)

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    Thank you!
    I had considered peg storage in the bottom, but I like the look of the pegs waiting for their next big game.

    A very fine example of precision marking and drilling.

    When you say you used auto cad to lay out the pattern did you print out a paper template full size and pase it on and punch the marks (i have used this method a few times), or did you do it the old fashioned way and mark it out from the dimensions of your autocad drawing?

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    I printed the lay out with dimensions. My mill has digital readouts for the x and y axis. I did not mark on the board at all. Thanks for the comment!

    Now try it the old fashioned way of marking, punching and drilling. the marking alone would drive you crazy. :-)

    I never got to use a milling machine at work I broke my ankle just weeks before they brought in a milling machine. A mill is on my wish list for tools