Aluminum Foil Wallet



This is made of ALL aluminum foil and glue to hold it together.

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Step 1: The Materials

Things you will need:

Aluminum Foil


Glue(not pictured)

Step 2: Cut Some Foil!!

Cut three big peices of aluminum foil.

Step 3: Get It Sized

Cut all three peices so it is as long as a open wallet.

Step 4: Make One Fold

Take the wallet and flip it over like you are trying to see the pockets. That will make one fold in the aluminum foil. Take the wallet out. It should look a little like this.

Step 5: Make a Non-complete Bill Pocket

Flip the pre-excisting fold over so it makes another fold. You should have some unecesary foil left on the top.DON'T CUT IT OFF!!!
Fold it to the back of the bill fold. It should look like this now.

Step 6: Make It a Bill Pocket

We need to use foil to close the sides of the bill pocket. Cut 4 peices of foil as high as the bill fold pocket. Glue two together. Repeat with the other two. Put glue on the left and right sides on the front of the pocket. Stick the foil on the glue. Then, put glue on the left and right sides on the back. Stick the other side of the foil on that glue. It should look like the picture.

You now have a bill-fold pocket

Step 7: Start the Credit Card Pockets

Cut four pecies of foil that are a little bit higher and longer than a credit card.

Step 8: Glue Two Peices Together Twice

this is the almost the same thing as we did with the bill pocket.

Step 9: Attach Them to the Bill Pocket

make four pecies that are as long as the pecies you glued together and 4 that are as high.

Step 10: Attach the Long Ones

Attach the long pecies to the "pocket" like this. You have to glue two together to do this. Do this for the other "pocket".

Step 11: Attach It to the Bill Fold

do the same thing we did with the bill fold.

Step 12: Attach the High Peices

repeat but attach it to the side.

Step 13: There You Go!

Your foil wallet is done.

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    9 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    try wrapping the 3 sheets of tin foil together with packaging tape. it worked for me but i did not do the credit card pockets


    10 years ago on Introduction

    i think maybe if you wrap the tin foil in clear packaging tape it would make it stronger and less likely to rip. but then the folds and creases wont be as folded as well as with out the tape. idk im gonna try it tho. cool idea... shiny


    11 years ago on Introduction

    wouldn't it rip really easily? I would add some card stock or construction paper for support on the places you don't want it to bend at... but really cool idea!!!

    2 replies

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    it was a 100 degree day so my brain was on sleep mode so couldnt think of any ideas like that, but GREAt idea!


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    THAT explains it. i made this, but i put duct tape between two layers of foil so it didn't rip. and yes, i tried. that stuff fixes EVERYTHING. except for ducts.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    can it demagnetize credit card o.O ? *sorry for my bad english *


    12 years ago on Introduction

    and itl be safe from the goverment so they cant brain wach ur cards