Aluminum Mushroom in My Garden :)




I’ve made some joke (funny) video about an aluminum mushroom which I found in my garden. I didn’t plan to do such a video but when I saw that it (in fact the scrap) looked like a mushroom I decided to make it. So, that's just my installation. The most important I wanted to show was that we can use even technological material after our casting. Even scrap and fails can become a part of decoration.

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Step 1: Once Upon a Time in a Shadow Garden...

Once walking through my garden I found amazing thing. It was a mushroom or... :) Something which definitely looked similar to a mushroom but what was really that?

Step 2: How It Was Really Made

And now I'll write how it was really made. I made this mushroom during clothes hook casting. That time I just didn’t have enough aluminum and poured additional aluminum into the mold. When I took clothes hook out of the flask I found that part of the object looked similar to a mushroom. :)

Step 3: Nice Thing for Decoration

It looks like a real mushroom, like the creation of Mother Nature.

In my opinion, such things can be used for decorating the backyard, your garden or anything you want inside or outside your house.

If you melt some metals from time to time don’t throw away or remelt such things. It looks enough beautiful.

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    2 years ago

    I think if you cast a real mushroom in plaster it'd turn out awesome with all the gill/rib things

    2 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    wow I guess guessed at the name but I guess "gills" are a common term for it.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Surely if we use plaster mold and a purpose to make a mushroom it will be much better. I just wanted to show that sometimes you can use material which was left from your casting. From a meter or two you just won't see ribs anyway... You can see the difference only from much closer look.