Aluminum Swiffer Wet Jet Handle Ring and Cross With Glass Matching Set

I made an aluminum ring out of a swiffer wet jet handle

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Step 1: 1

cut the swifer wet jet to ring size

Step 2: 2

use the grinder to get rid of the burs and shape ring

Step 3: 3

now i sanded the paint from the ring

Step 4: 4

then i drilled two holes for desighn

Step 5: 5

then i apply poslish and polished the ring

Step 6: 6

here i cut a small peice of glass mirror for the ring

Step 7: 7

then i used a poxy to stick the glass to the ring

Step 8: 8

i put poxy on some more glass mirror peices and stuck them to a metal cross

Step 9:

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