Aluminum Wire Jewelry Making – How to Make Wire Wrapped Glass Bead Flower Cuff Bracelet




Introduction: Aluminum Wire Jewelry Making – How to Make Wire Wrapped Glass Bead Flower Cuff Bracelet

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Summer season is the best time to wear wire wrapped jewelry, isn't it? Follow me to make a beautiful wire wrapped cuff bracelet as below.

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Step 1: ​Supplies in Making the Wire Wrapped Glass Bead Flower Cuff Bracelet:

6mm White Glass Pearl Beads

6mm Acrylic Beads

1.5mm Aluminum Wire

12X8mm Glass Drop Beads

0.3mm Copper Wire

Assorted Iron Findings

Long Nose Plier

Side Cutting Plier

Step 2: Make the Basic Elements

1st, snip off a piece of 0.5mm copper wire, thread it through a glass drop bead and twine the wires as below;

2nd, thread another glass drop bead through one wire, them twine the wires, thus you’ve made 2 petals for the glass bead flower pattern;

3rd, repeat above procedures to make the rest petals;

4th, slide a 6mm white pearl bead through the wire, then wrap the wire to finish the flower pattern;

5th, snip off another piece of aluminum wire, twist it according to your own twist;

6th, tie the flower pattern to a proper position of the wrist cuff.

Step 3: Add Ornaments on the Wrist Cuff

1st, snip off a piece of copper wire, thread it through an iron flower finding and a white acrylic bead;

2nd, wrap the copper wire around the aluminum cuff, and continue to add the small flower ornament on the cuff as you like;

3rd, add a pink glass bead flower ornament on the end of the bracelet cuff as shown;

4th, add some small flower ornaments beside the glass flower as you like.

Step 4:

Let's check the final look of this personalized wire wrapped glass bead flower wrist cuff bracelet:

Aluminum wires can be made into many other kinds of jewelry such as bracelets, earrings, rings, waist cuffs, anklets, hair ornaments and so on. If you are quite interested in wire wrapped jewelry and techniques, welcome to join pandahall learning center to learn for free.

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