Aluminum Wire Winding Cute Girl or Boy Pendant




Today i will show you how to use wire to make a boy or girl pendant。

the legs movable 。

this is just a Tutorial , so i only used one color wire to make it。

you choose diffrent color it will looks better。

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Step 1: Materials

only need 2mm color aluminium wire 1 meter

1mm color aluminium wire 1meter

some pliers

Step 2: Step 1 :make the Head

use 2mm aluminium wire put on a 2cm pipe,winding a round。

then us plier to hold the cross connection 。

Step 3: Step 2: Make Eyes

then to winding wire around plier ,winding a small eye,

and let the wire straight to other eye ,

the same job to do the other eye、

Step 4: Step 3 : Make the Other Eye

Step 5: Step 4 : Make Hair

after did the eyes then we pro to make the hiar。

Step 6: Step 5 : Make the Body

Step 7: Step 6 : Make the Dress

here you can choose other color to winding the dress ,

it will be beautiful than this one。

arms and legs use smaller wire 1mm to winding ,

arm and leg can make movable , make a hook to connect it ,

then it will be movable。

Step 8: Finished

show me , what kind you did !

thanks for reading ,my english is poor,

if you have any question , leave me a message。

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    2 years ago

    These are so cool!!

    Nice work using simple tools :D


    2 years ago

    Beautiful craftsmanship!