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This is a picture I made from a piece of paper, a hot glue gun and a sheet of aluminum foil.

I just drew a fish and embossed it, and I couldn't use the powder ink as I did not have any.

Its really easy to make this, all you need to do is draw or print out a picture and then apply hot glue along all the lines in that picture.
Then when the hot glue is dry you need to put the aluminum sheet on and the just press gently beside the lines to form an emboss effect.You can also add some powder ink on the whole picture and once its dry it will look even more embossed and you will have a brownish color on the picture.That will give it an ancient look as well.

Then you will need to take some sugru and attach it to the top as shown in the last picture, since its sugru you can remove it at any time and put it back at any time because sugru does not stick really that hard to alluminium foil.As you can see the pictures do not show the sugru holder because I just added this update to my aluminum foil embossed picture.But I did add one close up of the sugru.

You can also write letters from A - Z and numbers as well and help your kids learn by the sense of touch(This especcially helps Tactile/Kinesthetic Learners)Go to this link for more info on the types of learning :

My camera is a bad camera so you cannot really see the details in the picture, but believe me this will be a perfect door hanger, or even a painting...

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    WOW my sugru looks so wierd in the picture I guess its because of my crappy camera,..

    I did that with a type-writter :D. Just remove the ink ribbon and feed in your foil (with a paper backing, I might add, since the foil will tear under typewritten stress). It gives me the idea. Foil-embossed, typewritten ASCII art anyone?

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is sooo cool I will subscribe to you vishalapar


    7 years ago on Introduction

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