Am I Zipped Up?

Introduction: Am I Zipped Up?

I own a ton of nylon bag/organizers that have dual zippers and I will open them up and forget to zip them closed when I am done rummaging around inside them. I'll pick them up and waste time having to pick up the contents because there is no way to make sure they are closed.

I was making some paracord cat collars and saw another use for the side release breakaway buckles! A SRBB will come apart easily - perfect for the use that I envisioned? You can get SRBBs in different colors.

This idea works best for bags with dual zippers with knotted string pulls. You can modify a zipper by cutting off a sewn pull and replacing it with a piece of paracord, but that is something that you may want to think about before you modify you backpack/duffel/bag.

This ISN'T an anti-theft fix, it's merely a way to visually be sure that your bag is closed - it does take a little bit of effort to pull a SRBB apart - so, it might help you notice if someone is trying to open up a bag/duffel while you are carrying it around?

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Step 1: Get Your Buckles!

I buy all my buckles from an online paracord seller and depending on the color of the bag I am going to use them on? I try to get a color that contrasts - this helps with the quick visual check you can do - if you decide to try this tip?

Step 2: Un-tie and Add the Buckle End!

This step doesn't require too much in the way of illustration or instruction. Un-tie the piece of cord that you use for a pull and add a buckle half. Repeat for the other zipper half.

There are different ways to re-tie the cord - the closer you can get the buckle half to the actual zipper will get you a smaller gap between both zippers.

You could also do this with a steel pull - just thread a piece of paracord thru the eye at the pull or, if you are so inclined and your bag has a solid steel pull?

You can carefully snap the pull off the zipper body and thread the paracord thru the eyelet on the zipper.

Step 3: Done!

Now you are finished!

You can do a fast visual check on your zippers and not have to stop to make sure that every compartment/zipper is closed, I know that this probably doesn't qualify for a real Instructable or survival tip, but I hope that someone can use it!

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Well I don't know if it would help me remember to zip the bag up, so I guess checking is important. That said, once zipped, these would certainly stop the bag from becoming unzipped while carrying it on a trail or prevent someone from quickly unzipping your bag in an urban setting. I think I'll add these to some of my bags. Great idea.


    4 years ago

    Those are some really cool buckles! Where did you get them?

    edward katz
    edward katz

    Reply 4 years ago

    I get them from Paracord Planet and they are the 3/8 inch Side Release Breakaway Buckles. They come in a bunch of colors. They work like the buckles you see on cat collars - they breakaway easily should a cat get his collar get caught in a fence? You can also get another style of buckle that will only open if you squeeze both sides on the buckle body, but they are harder to open if you have gloves on! I like these because they open with just a tug.