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Several easy and simple mods for noobs and novices that will highly improve your guns performance. This should be a disclaimer to all who have never modded guns before. I do not take credit for those who will ruin their guns. Doing this you will run the risk of ruining your gun or shortening its life span. But all of that aside, try these mods and have fun!??


Step 1: Air Restrictor/Limiter Removal

This is a basic and easy mod that will improve your guns firing distance and add a little bit of power. This pictures I demonstrate are for a Maverick Rev-5. The air restrictor is almost always a three pronged tiny ring with a spring near it. So you will want to start by opening up the gun by taking out the screws holding it together. (Con't Next Step)

Step 2: Finding the Air Restrictor

So now that you have opened up the gun and have hopefully put the screws on a copy of the gun where they should be located or in a can and have taken a picture of the gun before you opened it so you can successfully locate where they should go. Always take a picture of the gun before you open it up. Like the one in the icon for this step. So now you have to find the air restrictor. They are usually located n the back of the gun. In the back of the barrel cylinders if it's a Maverick, Strongarm, Spirite, Flip-Fury, or any kind of barrel rotating gun. You then have to disassemble the barrel to reach the air restrictors.

Step 3: Disassembly of the Barrel and Removal of the Air Restrictors

So you have to disable the barrel to get to the air restrictors. In the photo, the edge of the barrel and a support extension are shown. You have to pry the support extension off. This will take a claw hammer or a small crow bar if you have never removed it on this particular gun. Expect a lot of resistance. This is normal. Then you will see something like this on the end without the barrel. The springs are right on top of the air restrictors. Now just lift them out and put the gun back together.

Step 4: The Penny Mod

This is an easy mod for a Maverick, Strongarm, or a Flip-fury. All you have to do is to put five pennies behind the spring to improve the guns power. This will make cocking the gun harder but is easier than buying a better spring. All you have to do is to open up the gun and put the springs in. As you can clearly see in the photo, the five pennies are located behind the cocking spring.

Step 5: Painting

A simple mod that almost everyone does is painting. Now there are several ways to do this. You can put tape over the vital parts like the cocking spring and the parred rotator. Then you just paint it with your own design. Otherwise you can take the gun apart and individually paint each piece. Then let it dry and put it back together.

Step 6: Modding the Jolt and Triad Ex-3

Okay, so the title may be a bit misleading. This is actually for any spring gun with a cocker outside of the guns body (Firestrike, Jolt, Triad Ex-3, Nitefinder). This is a simple one step mod. All you have to do is put a rubber band around the cocking handle. It will make cocking the gun harder and may shorten the guns life but will improve firepower. The pictures demonstrate the correct way to put the rubber bands on.

Step 7: Russian Roulette

This is a mod for the Nerf Maverick. People complain about how you can't open the barrel all the way to load the darts. Now you could go out and buy a slam fire Strongarm but who wants to spend $15.00 on a gun when you could easily mod your Maverick so it can open up? You open the gun and use a knife to cut off the two small pieces of plastic sticking out on the barrel extensions. You can find a more detailed version of this on the video.



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