Amazing Angel Wings Materials Under $50 for 2 Wings

Introduction: Amazing Angel Wings Materials Under $50 for 2 Wings

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Using real feathers from the local craft store and some coathangers for a lightweight frame and beautiful WINGS!!!

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Step 1: The Frame

Bend and twist 3 coathangers together. This is done by first opening the coat hangers by unravelling the twisted ends. Next cut off the hook parts of the hanger and twist threading the coils into each other to form a big loop. Pliers or vice grips work well. then take the length of 2 of the coat hangers and bend into the desired shape of the wing. Leave the third one as a base. The base should be bent to fit down the neck of a shirt or the back of a dress and to the contour of the person's back. If you flare the bottom, the neck of the shirt will hold it in place. Because it is lightweight you can use pretty much ANY wing angle provided you figure out how to bend it right : )

Step 2: The Core.

Find the lightest, most durable piece/pieces of fabric. I found a very lightweight cloth, some sort of cleaning cloth. Get out the glue gun and remember, be safe THEY ARE HOT!!! 
I got burned probably about 2 or 3 times. BUT i found a secret out,  this is if you lick your fingers with sufficent saliva and then wait a short moment for the hot glue to cool a bit, then place the feather on the fabric that has a dot of hot glue on it and squeeze/press feathers as the wetness on your fingers allows you to mold the hot glue without being burned. Be super careful, unless you don't care about pain, like me ; )

Step 3: Before the Feathers

Ok,now you need to go get about EIGHT 0.25oz/7g bags of feathers for TWO wings. Local craft shops will have them, you can also go online and buy them. Next you need to sort them out based on which way they curve (to the left or the right) and size. Plan out any colour highlights PRIOR to the beginning of gluing. When you glue the feathers on with your glue gun START from the outside bottom edge so they layer properly. Space each feather about 1cm or 1/2 inch apart but depending on feather size you may need to use good artistic judgment (aka cover the fabric so you cannot see it ; )

Step 4: Finalization.

Take a coloured permanent marker (for me it was black) and make sure you coat the edges of the fabric that are still showing. If you found black cloth and used black feathers (or white and vice-versa) then you are GOLDEN/black/white/blue/pink/WHATEVER.

NOTE: I only put feathers on the OUTSIDE of the wing and got a lightweight black felt and glued it on the inside.
Honestly, I was surprised at how light it was EVEN AFTER the felt and all that glue.

I made TWO single wings, one for each of us (fallen angels) because if we hold on to each other, we can fly.

This was not just for Halloween by the way, it is going to be my new stage costume!!!

Step 5: Secret Step LOVE.

Ok, so i got super brownie pointz for THIS. Take two different coloured feathers and cut ends sharp. Layer them directly vertical of each other if the point is pointing down. Now you have a heart for your sweetheart.

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    2 years ago

    Cool!! You should try it.. Enjoy feathers EVERYWHERE!! for like.. ever..


    8 years ago on Step 4

    this is awesome i will definitely try this some time : D