Amazing Boomerang Plane

Introduction: Amazing Boomerang Plane

Now, I know what your thinking. what kind of plane is that! I assure you it's one one of the coolest paper airplanes you will ever see. Lets get started!

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Step 1: Material

All you will need is of course, a sheet of paper. Regular printer is perfect, I used 8.5x11 construction paper

Step 2: Begin Folding

This project is made up of mostly basic folds . It doesn't have anything too complex so it's good for all age groups. Let's Start! First all you need to do is fold your sheet in half long ways. Your sheet should look like it's 4.25x11

Step 3: Internal Folds

After you crease down the mid line open the paper. Now take the top right corner and fold it down to the vertical mid line. Crease firmly, the repeat on the bottom right corner. Next take the entire right edge and fold it to the vertical mid line as well

Step 4: The Body Frame

Again, take the entire right edge and fold it to the vertical mid line. You should be left with a six sided figure. Now take the top and bottom edges and fold them up. Your six sided figure should now be a rectangle.

Step 5: Shape the Body

Next ,take a large straight edge. Something like a table or desk. Using the straight edge rub your paper back and forth in a sanding motion. This process should give your paper a curled shape.

Step 6: Start the Wings

When you get a good amount of curve , lay your paper down and than fold it in half. Try not to crease it very hard. Then open the fold.Take both the left and right sides and fold them to the middle.

Step 7: Final Step and Flying Instructions

Take the flaps in the middle and fold the outward without undoing the last step. a.k.a. take point A (in the picture) and fold it across the white line to point B. Once you've completed that fold make a replica fold on the other side. Then fold the whole thing in half. Finally , take point X ( from the picture) and fold it along the black line to point Z Your wings should be complete and your paper should resemble a fan or accordion. Now that it's complete you need to learn to fly it so that it comes back to you. I will be uploading a video soon but for now I have written instructions.

Flying Instructions
1) Tilt your plane at a 45° angle.
2) place your index finger in the middle fold atop the plane. Then put your other fingers underneath in the position of your choice.
3) lightly flick your wrist and recluse. Then watch your plane fly and bend Back towards you
4) keep practicing because it's difficult and you probably won't get it on your first try

Step 8: Finish

Thanks for reading if you have any questions please leave a comment.

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