Amazing Curled Eyelashes With a Spoon!





Introduction: Amazing Curled Eyelashes With a Spoon!

Do you ever see someone do something that amazes you and it's so simple that you think: Why didn't I think of that and I need to try this ASAP? Well I experienced this....... I am attending school to become an esthetician and I was in class the other day learning about acne and the instructor gave us a 15 minute break. As one would expect we were chatting, putting on lip gloss and one of my "Estie Besties" Analillia (we call her Ana for short), went to the mirror pulled out her makeup bag and a spoon! My Instructables buddies, your Skin Beauty Fairy is very observant and I notice EVERYTHING!!!! I was wondering if Ana was going to eat yogurt and do her makeup at the same time. Instead Ana pulled out a mascara and used the spoon on her eyelashes at this time everyone was fascinated and staring at her while she did this amazing trick very methodically and quickly. We all started asking her questions because we have never seen this before and just to let you know Ana's lashes are AMAZING!!!!! I asked her if she can share her eyelash trick to my Instructables family and she graciously said yes! So welcome Ana to the Skin Beauty Fairy Instructables page!

What you Need

-A spoon that is thin from the sides (a spoon you will only use for eyelash curling, and you cannot share the spoon with anyone!!! I know that sounds funny but you are NEVER to share your eye makeup or eye makeup tools with ANYONE because of bacteria)

- Favorite mascara

-Your hand

Step 1: Your Eyelashes

Look at your eyelashes are they short, long, sparse or even full. Appreciate your beautiful natural lashes and get ready to give them an extra oomph (side note: I am amazed I did not get the red line under the word oomph saying it is misspelled!). Ana has long, and non curved lashes. My lashes have a natural curve but are short.

Step 2: The Spoon

The spoon needs to have thin sides and not a big curve. This spoon can only be used for your eyes!!! This is very important because of the transfer of bacteria. Also make sure you wash your spoon every two weeks, I would suggest putting this special spoon in your makeup bag/case.

Step 3: Holding the Spoon

You will grip the spoon tightly with your thumb towards the front edge and your index finger in the back of the spoon making the spoon stable (Ana did a great job showing you how to hold the spoon).

Step 4: Your Eyelashes and the Spoon

In one quick flick of the spoon, you press the bottom edge down against the lashes starting from the base of your eyelashes then rotate and pulling the spoon upwards until you reach the tips of the lashes. Do not pull hard!! It may take a few times time to get the movement correct but once you do your eyelashes will thank you for it. Start at the outer corner of your eyelash working your way towards the nose. You can repeat it however many times you would like.

Skin Beauty Fairy Quick Tip: You can heat your spoon with a blow dryer first for a brief 3 seconds, not too hot!! But it will help curl the lash.

Step 5: See the Difference?

Ana does not have any mascara on you can see the difference the spoon made on the right lashes, it looks like an instant eye lift.

Step 6: Put on That Mascara, Baby!

Ana's favorite mascara is by Maybelline and she can only find this certain one in Mexico (we all know the green and pink Maybelline mascara but they can use different ingredients) she will only use this mascara and keeps 3 on hand at all times! But I have no loyalty to any mascara and it is a personal preference.

Step 7: Mascara Wow!

Her lashes look amazing!!! How do your lashes look now?

Step 8: You Can Do This Trick for Daytime and Evening Lashes!

Ana just recently changed her hair color but this is a staple in her beauty routine, and I think she looks beautiful! Thank you Ana for sharing your eyelash curling secret!



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    22 Discussions

    What a beautiful woman!! Thanks for the post )) My granny taught me to curl the eyelashes with the spoon ))) Was doing this many years, but after a course of Cherish Lash conditioner my eyelashes grew so much longer that became a little curly )) Much easier now to get ready! ))))

    wow!! Ana looks beautiful with her new hair color!! She looks like a different person! Gorgeous! And as for the spoon trick, It worked!! Way better than my eyelash curler!! I did jab my eyes like crazy at first tho Lol, couldn't quite get the hang of it at first, but I'm good now N my lashes look awesome!!

    I really want to try this but I don't get the movement... Can u add alittle more detail?

    1 reply

    The back of the spoon will be facing the front of your lashes, your gripping the spoon with your thumb and index finger at the large part of the spoon. Then you flick up not pulling to hard with your lashes. I hope that helps.

    Her lashes look awesome, but I just know I'd end up with that spoon in my eye. I usually just blast my eyelash curler with my blow dryer for a few seconds. Works like a mini curling iron.

    Well, it looks amazing, but I definitely have to practice to master this superpower ! I drop the spoon all the time. Weak, weak fingers.

    Thanks for the tip veeguy I have been seeing some chicks with dark sunglasses and red lipstick following me.....thanks for the intel

    You best be careful. Showing women how to accomplish this with a simple spoon is very "disruptive" to the cosmetic industry. The last time someone showed women how to beautify themselves without purchased products, she was "eliminated" by a L'Oréal hit squad.

    This is great! My Mom used to curl her eyelashes this way and yes she kept the spoon in her makeup bag. I've done it too and it works great. Thanks for the memory flashback!

    Thank you romanfernandez! Please share with your wife she will like it.

    Awesome work. Having the right tools makes all the difference. As a man, I am not using it on me, but I will definetly pass it on to my wife and friends. Thank you.

    as a guy i have curled my eyelashes (without mascara) before because they point down so bad that they stick together and brush against the insides of my glasses, smudging them. but it's a pain. too bad there isnt a permanent way. cool idea although i am now old enough that i dont bother anymore.

    Yeh, the spoon trick is great...I've always used a good 'ol plastic disposable spoon :)

    Astrosugarcatbunny..... I get it from my momma!! ;)

    Yeah haha I've been knowing this x) got it from my mom