DIY Aerial Photography

Introduction: DIY Aerial Photography

After having recently bought a new Dji phantom 3 I decided to make a short instructable introducing a simple outline of how to edit their videos into cinematic marvels. I have tried to simplify the process down into a few easy steps. The video above shows how simple editing can transform a rather boring subject into somewhat of a beautiful video.

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Step 1: Plan

Think about:

  • what the video is going to be about
  • what shots you are going to take that are going to be most effective
    • flying over the subject
    • flying around
    • slider shots
  • Plan a good location
  • Choose a good time
    • often an hour before sunset is a great time to film golden shots
    • think about the weather at the time

Step 2: Film

Simply follow your plan and go out and film. Remember never to fly over or near people and if the weather has turned windy consider coming back another time.

Remember safety techniques and do a pre flight checklist.

Step 3: Edit

When editing follow a simple process.

  1. go through your footage and cut out the best, most cinematic shots you captured (keep a copy of the un edited footage in case you miss something that you need).
  2. Try to arrange the shots in an order that looks good. ( This sounds kinda wierd but you get the hang of it )
  3. Choose a song to go with it, often ambient songs compliment the footage effectively, songs with a humming keyboard and strings work well I find.
  4. Match the clips with the song. Try to link scene changes to the song.
  5. Go back and watch it through and see what you think and change little things that you need to.

Remember try to tell a story with your video.

If you can't find a good song the one from the example video was made on GarageBand so you can give that a shot.

Don't be afraid to go back and get more footage to complete or add to your video. Sometimes when you go back to a location you will know the exact shots you need to finish your video.

Step 4: Share and Enjoy

Once complete share on youtube and show your friends. Save the video away and watch it when you like.

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