Water - the Hidden Message

Introduction: Water - the Hidden Message

About: Enjoy the therapeutic time with plant/gardening, without the need of any reason/s..lol

Water - The most indispensable utility in this mother earth. No single one can live with it! Yes, that includes all living bodies, even tiniest organic bacterias..

We use and consume water daily, and is the initiation of all life form in this planet which holds a hidden message in it - Water has life and has consciousness! Water can hear, sense, etc and remember our powerful words in various languages.

I denied to believe water can sense etc and assumed it is by fair chance that people have already proven it. So stubbornly to join in the believe, I decided to do an experiment myself using water in cook rice, after watching several clips detailed by Dr. Masaru Emoto famous research works on water & its crystals.

So guess what, be it by chance or scientific, it just proven again, by myself... call it ignorance or whatever that we human is made up of mostly water, which is yet utmost important to learn the connectivity between them.

Hence, I've done a video experiment just for fun that water can sense - especially our power word & speech.

Hope you'll enjoy my video.


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